6 Ways to Find an Overseas Courier Service Provider

For many of us, sending a courier puts us at random anxiety. Each one of us is worried whether their precious products will reach the destination in the right condition and at the right time. Most of the time we are picturing our parcels being tossed like garbage, thankfully not every service provider is the same, and you can easily identify the right oversea courier service to Canada, UK, USA, or anywhere in the world. Here are 6 tried and tested ways to identify the right oversea courier service provider to make your parcel reach their destination without any hassles or inconvenience. 


Research is the best way to find the best USA, UK, or Canada Courier Service. A reputable company with proven records is a good way to dodge the shipping woes and problems that come along.  

Making a list

List down all the good service providers. A list will help you in organizing them, and once you have done, then now the only thing that is left is narrowing them down according to your needs and service they provide. 

Check and confirm they are licensed

Always look for a licensed company; a license has a direct connection to their reliability and assures of being a good service provider. A license means they have the resource and are government approved to do the work they do. It also makes sure that they will meet the operational requirements and will follow the standard procedure. 

Consider the finances

Going online might be a good way to find the right courier service. By going online, you will be able to see their website, what service they are providing, what is their review and service rating provided by their users, and why to choose them over other companies. also see if they are working on their online presence, which means they are actively investing how the users perceive them and how much they adapt to technology. See if they have an active customer service system, parcel tracking system, or not. 

Ask People

Ask if your friends or family know a reliable company, also if someone suggests that a certain service provider is not up to the mark for a certain task and that company lies in your list, its better you cut them off. Also, know how much they cost you to send your parcel. This could also narrow down and fasten the process of choosing the right courier service from the UK, US, or Canada from India. 

Reading Online Reviews

Users love to share their experience with the service providers; this user-generated content is so essential for any company as, by that, they can improve their services and know what is most loved service or quality of theirs. But not only that, this user-generated data can help you know-how is a certain company and do they qualify for a certain job. 

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