7 Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Courier Services

There are times when you are in dire need of courier services. But in this urgency, that is not necessary that you forget to ask the most important of all 7 questions that say a lot about their services and professional skills they are ready to put up. Here are the 7 essential questions that you need to ask your service provider of the courier to USA, UK, or anywhere else in the world. 

Are You Licensed? 

Ask the US courier services you are hiring if they are licensed delivery service providers. That ensures the security and protection of your courier in the transit. 

Do you offer courier tracking? 

It is essential that the services you choose provide you the facility to online track your order. You will always want to check up on your parcel and where it is in real-time. This is always a good idea that you choose a service that has an online tracking system that will allow you to know where it is when you can expect the parcel to reach the destination. That not only makes it easy to track the order at your end but also on the receiver’s end. 

Are they professional in appearance? 

If you are a business, you need to hire a courier company that appears professional and has a good reputation. E-commerce has enabled business of India to sell their products everywhere in the world, say if you need to send your product via courier to the USA from India, it is necessary that the services that you are picking have drivers and delivery man that appear professional, are neat and clean and have reputation of reliable courier services. 

Are You Qualified? 

While you want to courier to the USA, UK, or any part of the world, it is necessary that the people you are hiring in India have the right resources and team to handle your custom requirement. Like say if you want to send an over-sized, bulky package that is fragile too, does the company have the necessary resources to provide you that kind of service. Ask to them, this question and know it yourself. 

How are you making the process easy? 

For this, you must determine they invoice the clients. Is it convenient and easy to understand? If the process is too much convoluted, that means spending more time unnecessarily to handle the matter. This indicates they will not be able to process the parcels that needs faster delivery. Also, if they are making things too much difficult for you, it is always better that you look out for another reliable service you can find next. 

Do you have a Customer Service? 

Bad experience with a certain service is an indicator that the business or brand is inefficient. Meanwhile, one or two bad reviews are fine as sometimes even a good company cannot do anything about it, but if they are in bulk, you might need to spend more time to lookout for a new company. Also, see if they have a 24*7 customer service where you can contact them anytime to know about your package

Do you have a warehouse? 

Having a dedicated warehouse ensures they be able to provide the package securely. Also, that means they will be able to keep it secure until it reaches the destination. 

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