Complete guide to send a courier to Canada

Canada is one of the biggest hubs accommodating NRI’s we are a must to know someone in your known’s that are either already based in Canada or about to make a move there. Apart from that, when a lot of Indians are migrating to Canada, they require a lot many things to be available to them from India or need to be sent from there to here. This is when you require international courier services in Mumbai, Delhi, or anywhere you are from to send your parcel to Canada safely. While the courier companies are efficient in doing the job well.  There are some things to be done on your end too. 

When you have to courier to Canada, there are a few things you have to keep in mind, and it includes following the law. Luckily you have this guide that will navigate you to the entire process sending a courier to Canada in a way introducing you to basic and non-basic things. 

Canadian Custom and Clearance Policies and Paperwork

Canada is not the only country to have its own custom and clearance policies regarding shipments. In many other countries, this practice is quite common besides other documentations that are needed. Customs clearance, duties, and taxes, and also you need to mention what is inside the package clearly. 

Also, one of the most important aspects of sending a package to Canada is providing them the value for good. If an item is less than 20 Canadian dollars, you are waived off any taxes you need to pay for it. Or else 5% GST will be applied to the cost of the product automatically. Also, for certain regions in Canada like Quebec, Saskatchewan, Columbia, you have to pay PST (Provisional Sales Tax); also, it might differ with the difference in the destination. But any dusty which is implied is levied to the receiver, not the sender. A detailed description has to be provided; it is highly essential. Also, an import license is required to import your goods in Canada for commercial shipment. But again, the product that you are trying to send has a lot to do with it too, its better you like the Canada courier service provider you are hiring. 

Restricted and prohibited items

There are certain products that you cannot send to Canada. Every country has a list of prohibited and restricted items that are not allowed to be booked to the parcel, and Canada is no exception. There are online services available where you can check the additional fees that you might have to pay on the goods it is allowed in the country; the best way to save money on that is finding the right courier partner. 

Food items are okay to be sent as a gift to your loved ones, but still, it will be controlled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Also, some other things to take care of are:

  • Original Manufacturer packaging
  • Good Packaging and no tampering
  • Listed all ingredients
  • Every food item you send must have a shelf life for more than 6 months. 

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