Finding the Best Shipping Partner for Your Online Store

The online stores are the future of buying and selling goods. The shipping services are the online stores’ lifeline, as finding the best shipping partner can create a difference in the growth of your online stores. Therefore, you must work on finding the perfect shipping partner. The ideal shipping company can help you grow your business tenfold as you can send a courier to Germany, Netherland, or any other country of your choice. 

Moreover, shipping company must treat your client and customer with the respect and dignity that your business asks. The hands that deliver the parcel are a part of your business. Any failure from the parcel company side will directly reflect on you. 

To pick the best international courier service for your business, you need a strategy that can help you sort the convenient courier services for your online store. 

Tips for choosing the best Shipping services for your Online Store

To create a perfect strategy that can help you select the best international courier service, you need to check a few factors. You need to sort the courier services based on the following factors- international courier charges, company ratings, reliability, delivery times, ability to handle product returns and coverage. After you have sorted all the companies, you can further negotiate the prices and find the best courier service that can do a job of leveraging your online store reach. 

International Courier Charges

One of the advantages of opening an online store is getting a reach to millions of people from around the world. No more, you have to stuck with the local public for generating hefty profit. Instead, you can choose to open an online store and tie-up with the international courier service that can help your products reach the doorsteps of people from around the world. 

However, you must check the international courier charges first.  Shipping price can increase your courier’s price to Germany, which might be a barrier to expanding the client base in a different country. However, you cannot go with the cheap company, as the most affordable solution in the courier service often fails in terms of service quality.  So, make sure to take advantage of competitive pricing that can help you negotiate the courier charges from India to Germany of different courier services


Now, sorting the company based on the reliability can be tricky as there is no adamant way of measuring the reliability factor. However, you can check the online rating of a Courier service that can help you estimate the reliability of different courier services up to some extent. Other than that, you can call the companies and to check their trustworthiness, ask them if they offer any guarantees or security when using the service. Since you are using the courier service for your online store; courier services must handle things like packaging, handling, and delivery time. 


For an online store, the potential customer base depends on the coverage of the courier companies. So, make sure to choose a courier service that can help you send a courier to Germany to extend your business to new countries. An international courier service can help you expand your business to different countries. Therefore, discuss the coverage with the branch office of courier services. 

Delivery times

The specific part of running an online store is balancing the balance between logistic and actual delivery date. The delays in product delivery are a huge turn off for a client. Many customers often avoid the online store that cannot deliver the product in the given period. Therefore, you need a company that can help your product reach safely to a customer’s door at the promised delivery time. Other than that, delivering a product at a promised time makes your customer happy. Therefore, finding a courier service that can serve your customer on promised delivery time is advantageous for your online store. 

Problems and returns

Not always, your customer gets their package. There can be many instances where the customer returns the package or shipping service fails to deliver it. In such a situation, you need a shipping partner that can handle return and rejected packages. So, when you choose the shipping company makes sure to discuss the following topics-

  • Will they contact the client before reaching to their address?
  • Will they go the next day if they do not find anyone at home?
  • Will they handover the package to you if they fail to deliver?

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