Guide to Send Medicine to Foreign Countries

Are you a concerned parent who wants to deliver the medicine to your son or daughter living abroad? Do not worry; you can use the help of the international courier service to send any item to the foreign country of your choice.

Many people now days like to buy medicine from India because, in India, many treatments are cheaper than countries like France. Therefore, sending medicine via courier to France from India is on the rise.

NRIs who like to buy or use the cheaper medicine option can now get their hands on the more affordable medicine they can get in India. However, if it is your first time sending a courier to France from India, you might not have a prerequisite of sending medicine to a foreign country.

Here is our guide that can clear your few doubts about using an international courier service to send medicine. 


What are the Challenges of Sending medicines to a foreign country?

Sending a medicine to a foreign country via courier brings a lot of challenges. First, you cannot send any drug just like other items to a foreign land. The drug manufactured in one country does not have approval from the foreign country’s Health Care department, which means not all drug is allowed to enter a foreign country. 

All these laws and regulation behind the medicine is to ensure the safe use of the drug. Therefore, most countries use to check and balances to regulate the medication that people can send medicines via courier. For example, in the USA, you cannot send the drugs that are unapproved by the FDA. 

So, if you want to send medicine to a country like France, you need to read the laws before sending courier to France from India to avoid any legal charges or rejections. Moreover, you also need to go on the official site of courier services to read their policies regarding medicines and check out the courier charges to France from India

Here is how you can safely send you medicine by a courier to France from India.


Find Shipping services that have experience of delivering medicine

Choosing an international courier service that already experienced sending medicine to Foreign countries can save many hassles for you. The experienced Shipping service can help you understand the laws and prohibit medicine that you cannot ship to the foreign country of your choice. Moreover, knowing if your parcel will get rejected can save you from losing money that you need to pay as courier charges to France from India can be expensive. 


Help maintain the required temperature range from pickup through delivery.

For the pharmaceuticals, you need to be aware that parcel does not get overheated. Heat can degrade the medicine that you are sending to your family member. Therefore, you need to work on insulating the parcel. That way, you can maintain the low temperature inside the courier and deliver the medicine in a perfect condition. 


Track and monitor your medical shipments

Better tracking and monitoring can make your parcel safer. Since you are sending medicine to your family member, you need to make sure no one tampers with your parcel between the route. Moreover, the temperature and weather can delay the delivery of the parcel. However, with monitoring, you always know the location of your parcel. Security should be your utmost priority when sending a medicine via courier.


Packing liquids

If you send a syrup or liquid to a foreign country via courier, you might need the extra item so that the liquid can reach its destination safe and sound. You can use the watertight receptacle to store the liquid medicine. Moreover, to make it more spill-proof, you can wrap absorbent material and seal the bottle in the plastic bag or container. 

Documents you need to Submit

Documents Required 

  • Copy of Doctor prescription
  • Name of Recipient
  • Recipient Information- Phone Number, Address
  • Name of the Drugs
  • Address of Drug Manufacturer
  • Form of medicine (liquid, capsule or tablet)

Details of Medicine

  • Dosage
  • Dosage strength
  • Treatment of the medical condition
  • Copy of passport
  • Type of packaging

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