Here is how we can send a parcel safely outside India

When sending a parcel to any country outside India, we rely on a courier service to safely deliver our parcel to the destination. We can not go everywhere ourselves but we can send a parcel to other countries with the help of an international courier service. It might seem quite tricky to send a parcel abroad when we are doing it for the first time. It is no longer a challenging task with the help of international courier services. We might wonder, will the parcel reach safely to the destination? How to do the packaging of the parcel? Can the courier company be trusted? What if the parcel is lost? What are the international courier service charges? Here are the answers to a few questions that might come to our mind while sending a parcel to a country outside India.

  1. Will the parcel reach safely to the destination? 

International courier companies are privately owned companies and strive hard to maintain high standards of courier services. The success of these service providers is solely based on the service level. They focus on handling the product safely and delivering it to the destination without any damage. They have a streamlined shipping process and a team of trained people who handle the package carefully.

  1. How to do the packaging of the parcel?

This seems to be the most difficult task in the delivery process. Safe delivery of the package is highly dependent on how the packaging is done. If the packaging is not up to the mark, there is a high risk of the product getting damaged while it’s on the way. It is quite troublesome to find out a perfect packaging material for the parcel. We do not need to worry about the packaging anymore as the courier companies provide a facility of packaging these days. They pick-up the product from home and pack it safely so that the risk of the product getting damaged can be minimized. Some well-established courier companies provide this courier service free of charge.


  1. Can the courier company be trusted?

Courier companies maintain transparency in the shipping process. Thus, they provide a tracking number associated with our parcel and we can track the location of our parcel with the help of this courier. Courier companies are known to handle a higher number of packages and deliver them safely. So, if we choose a well-known courier company, we can trust them with safe delivery.


  1. What if the parcel is lost?

Courier companies also provide an option of the insurance of the package. However they take the complete responsibility of safely delivering the product to the destination, in a worst-case scenario if the product gets damaged during the transition and you have chosen to do the insurance of the product, you can claim for the damage of the product.


  1. What are the international courier service charges?

Courier charges provide a break up of the international courier service charges to earn the trust of the customers. Suppose we are sending a courier to the UK then we can calculate the courier charges from India to the UK with the help of an online courier charges calculator available on the website of the courier company. There is huge competition among the courier service providers, so each company tries to maintain a reasonable level of courier charges to attract more customers.

International courier services provide hassle-free international deliveries to domestic as well as international locations. They provide a free home pick-up service. Then they safely pack the product. A label is generated as soon as the courier is booked, this is a unique barcode associated with each package. Courier companies are experienced in handling perishable items as well. They have a team of trained customer service staff that strive to resolve all the customer queries at the earliest.

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