How to Avoid Courier and Shipping Scams

Shipping frauds

Although the courier industry has helped a lot of people and businesses to grow, still no one can deny the existence of a few bad apples that are reasons for shipping fraud.

Parcel Chief brings you a guide to follow to save your courier to Netherlands to go in the hands of fraud courier service:


Going through the review, testimonial, and quality of the official website, you can tell about the courier service is authentic or not. Still, some seasonal scammers make sure their site looks authentic to online viewers, for that they might add images, fake reviews, and fake testimonials to legitimate.

To avoid that you can use some other site such as Trustpilot and Google profile that holds the real review from the customers. Also, pay attention to research and try to find as you can, try to find out any complaint or negative review about the company.

Online ratings are also crucial for segregating different courier services on the basis of best, average or poor service. The site that is rated 3 out of five can be considered good while any courier service rated below three needs to be considered with a poor rating.


Go with the established player in the industry with a long record of doing a successful business. The long-established shipping company has the experience to handle various factor that affects the shipping business such as weather conditions, labor strikes, and customs policy changes that affect the shipping industry.


There might be a chance you will meet an agent who claims to be working for a big international courier services in Mumbai. There might be a possibility that an agent is a fake and working with an agent can result in loss of your money and good.

Before moving forward to make any deal, take your time and call the company that agents claim to be working for and check whether the information agent provides you correct. Make sure to call the shipping company with contact detail they provide on their website, do not use the contact detail that the agent has provided you.


Shipping fraud through emails is quite common nowadays, con artist usually takes advantage of holiday times where people are more likely to send or get a courier. They target by sending the e-mail by the name of a popular company such as FedEx, DHL or U.S Postal Service.

Email can be about canceling of delivery and ask you to print some documents and take that to local postal service, to resume the delivery process. They might also send you a link for payment to resume the delivery process. Often they scare people by telling about a huge penalty they will face if they do not take immediate action.


Absurdly low rates and discounts are the red flag that you need to focus on, any company that quotes much lower than the standard shipping rates should be avoided, as there is a chance of something fishy going on.

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