How to send a parcel from India to the UK?

There are many reasons you might need to courier to UK during your trip to India, or if you are an Indian resident and you have friends, relatives or customer base in the UK. Whether you are a traveller or you are an Indian resident there are certain things you need to follow such documentation and policies.

The policies for both commercial and non-commercial parcels vary accordingly. This blog is all about sending your goods to the UK and not about export and import procedures. So, here, is how you can send a package to the UK using Indian Services

How much does it cost to send a parcel from India to UK?

Every country has its rates and even if you are from a certain country and sending a parcel in your country you will be counted as an Indian sending a parcel to a destination. You can get an online quote from Parcel Chief a leading courier service UK that can provide you cost-effective parcel facility. We also have an online tracking code, that gives you the real-time status of your package.

What you need to take care about?

#1 Ensure you don’t send any prohibited Item by Indian Customs
If you are sending something from Delhi, there are several restricted items that you cannot send from India such as drugs and flammable liquids and the obvious ones like explosives. Also, the quantity of the item matters. If you are sending something like Ghee or powders then makes sure you are not exceeding the quantity of more than 2 packets. You can send different items in a large number.

#2 Packaging Material
Use a packaging material that is strong and rigid and can take up impact and pressure during the transits. Choose the size right, if you are sending something fragile make sure you are filling it up with safety packaging materials like foam, Styrofoam peanuts, well taped and all. Read our elaborate article here on the same about how to ship fragile items.

#3 Pick Up
If you are taking our services you can enjoy door to door pickup and delivery service which is very convenient as you are at the comfort of your home and all you need to do is secure your package with the right material. Also, we use FedEx, TNT, UPS and DHL services to send your packages so you can rest assured that your package is in safe hands. Another thing is since we are one of the leading carrier services of India, we can reduce your courier cost to about 60%.

Now you need to provide us the right address both yours and the receivers make sure you are doing the documentation right. As it will only cause more and more delay in reaching. We will help you with the documentation as well.

Most importantly you need to fill up a declaration form for the custom where you need to pacify the products that you are sending into the right categories and the number of items as well as their estimated value. This estimation value is important because that is how tax and duty are evaluated on any package, make sure you are providing genuine information. Rules to send food items are different so you need to take care of that too.

#4 Receive a parcel at your destination
So, finally, your parcel reaches the destination. If you have availed our services, no one has to go to their nearest post office in the country but we will make sure the package has reached the door safely.

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