How to ship fragile items?

Wanting to courier something? Is it fragile? You need to read this blog right away! As a leading US courier service, we have been thrown many questions about the ideal packing standards of fragile items. Fragile items are breakable even when the impact is very less, to make sure that the product is not damaged until it has reached the destination, you should find the best way to do it. With the growth of the shipping industry, it is very easy now to send your precious, fragile parcels. We say, leverage their expertise and enjoy fast delivery and safer delivery of your fragile package.

Now, let’s get started. Here is everything you need to know about sending your fragile package somewhere. The basic objective of it is to do it the way that will courier your item UNDAMAGED!! It is fundamental and here is how to do it.

How to Pack Your Fragile Items
• Collect the materials you will be needing to pack the item (Each Item has its specific need)
• Carefully wrap the item in bubble wrap
• Layer the bottom of the box with peanuts packaging
• Carefully place the item inside the box
• Fill the space with newspaper, bubble wrap, more peanut packaging, and foam.
• Pack the box tightly
• Seal up the box with tape. Make sure it is sealed properly, use an ample amount of tape.

Securely Wrapping your fragile item
There are some of the important points you must take care of. You must use the right box as it will guarantee the safety of your item from any external impact. And, your item will be less likely to get damaged. New boxes are very strong as they can keep content safe. Also, make sure the box is more rigid, it should not be squashed and opened or re-opened. Make it water-proof too is very important, say if you are sending it a far-away place. Let’s say if you sending a fragile item via courier to USA from India, make it more susceptible to damage and according to their weather conditions.

Making Sure You are rightly Packaging the Item
Now, there is always the right way to do these kinds of things, of course, you can’t put your item in a steel box and send, but make sure your box is secured with lots and lots of tape up till you think it is just OVERPACKED. Layer it with bubble wrap, start bubble wrapping the package from inside, around the item once. It is very important, do not forget that. Make sure you have covered it fully.

Another thing is to place packaging peanuts down initially and this ensures that the item is very sage based during the shipment. Fill the box with packaging material, newspapers are the best way to do it. Use more packaging peanuts, foam or bubble wrap.

Also, make sure there is no extra space for the item to roll in the box. You need to double-check the lids of the box. Use blue tape to secure it. Ideally, there should be two inches of packaging material between your item and the wall of the box. Secure the edges. Use the tape to seal it, form an “H” using take across the main and central seam of the box.

Finally, the shipping
If you want to courier to USA, we are best at doing. Fragile Items require utmost care, and you don’t want your receiver to find the package in bad condition and heartbroken. If you are a company that is exporting to somewhere in the USA, it won’t be good for your reputation, as the packaging of the item has a lot to do about customer experience. Use Parcel Chief services after you packed your fragile items and do the right thing.

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