How to Ship Important Documents Through Courier?

What are considered to be important documents?

To differentiate between what paperwork are important just follow the simple guideline that is, a document that is original and for replacing the document you need to do some digging again or just can’t be replaced. These documents hold special importance as they can hold valuable information of person regarding their name, or proof of birth, etc. Example of such document includes: 

  • Driving License
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport
  • Pan Card
  • Voter Id etc
  • Company Registration Certificates
  • Business Agreement Papers
  • MOUs
  • NDAs 

Negotiable Banking Documents like-

Cheques, Debit or Credit Cards, Bank Draft, Bill of exchange, etc. Student Documents like Original Marks Sheets, Graduation or PG Certificates, Convocation Certificates, etc. 

Sending important document through courier

Sending those important documents via courier can arise several doubts in your question about the safety of the document. You may need those documents as if you are shifting to a new country like the USA or other. Don’t be afraid as is here to help you and guide you on how you can ensure the safety of these important when sending them via courier to France.

Packaging Material

Since what you are shipping is the important paper you need to make sure they are not misused, you can use the tamper-proof bag for packaging those documents. The tamper-proof bags get sealed easily and one needs to tear them to open, by which you can easily make sure that your package hasn’t been open by anyone in between the transporting process. Remember to use the tamper-proof bags and many international courier services in Mumbai may even ask you to pack important documents in it as their standard requirement. 

Below is an example of cheques on how to package and send the important document-


It is one of the riskiest documents which can be exploited by someone. Use the tamper-proof bag to seal it properly, ask the courier service about the procedure and document you require fill when sending a cheque in a courier to the USA. 

Another thing to make sure-

  • Make sure you are not sending an open cheque i.e, any blank cheque which is signed.
  • A blank cheque that is not signed can be sent.
  • If in case you want to send cheque specifying to whom it should be sent, then make sure you cross the cheque before sending i.e. mention account payee.

Packaging Cheque:

Step 1: Place the cheque in the plastic envelope that you can get in the nearby stationery or can provide you. 

Step 2: Now comes the tamper-proof bag, which is of the similar size of the plastic envelope, make sure to use the tamper-proof bags as it is advised by many USA courier service, place the envelope carefully. 

Step 3: Seal the Tamper-Proof bag opening and you can use the adhesive strip for it. 

Step 4: Attach the labels that are asked by the international courier service when you go for booking the courier. 

With you ca add extra remarks such as “DON’T FOLD” or any other remark if necessary and we will take care of it. 

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