Legal Documents that can’t be Emailed

Why can’t you e-mail document all the time?

Relying on the technology like fax and e-mail for sending a legal document or sharing text information easily to distances has made our life easy, but can they be used to share all kinds of a document?

In case of some legal document where only the original copy works, you can’t rely on e-mail and fax for them. The limitation put you in a situation where to share those documents courier is only the best option. In case you are residing in a foreign country you can use the international courier for making a courier to New Zealand

Here is the list of the documents for which most people make a courier, we advise you to use the service to make a parcel for the following documents:

 Immigration Documents

In case you choose to extend your visa or plan to stay more in another country you might need some immigration documents for applying for the following procedure. In that case, you might need an international courier for sending the supporting documents or applications to the immigration office of the desired country.

 Although, the immigration process nowadays can be done easily with a simple online process, still in some cases you might be asked by the immigration officials to make courier to other foreign countries for specific documents. 

Many documents still require a person to send a hard copy for processing such as Spousal sponsorships and sponsorships of parents or grandparents.  In this case, you need to make a courier to USA for the supporting documents. 

While choosing a courier service in such a case make sure you ask them about the delivery time, as any delay from there side you will be the one to face the consequence. The deliveries of these documents are highly time-sensitive. Avail International courier service in Mumbai that can deliver the supporting document in the given time-frame, to avoid rejection of your application. 

Estate Documents

Estate documents are those paper which proves or show ownership of land or real estate property, in case of sending a will to the foreign location, a courier is the only option that you can use to send as original estate document. Make sure to choose reliable courier services for making courier to place for your will.  

Passport Documents

Passports are the important identification documents that besides being just a document, it is the symbol of your freedom, leisure, and citizenship. Many instances such as making a correction in Passport or applying for a new passport can put you in a position to make a courier for a passport. 

Importance of choosing a Reliable Courier Service to Ship Legal Documents

For the above-mentioned document, you must choose reliable international courier services in Mumbai. You need to ensure the safety of your courier in such cases to avoid any tampering in between the transportation. You can face bad consequences in case the documents get in the bad hand. 


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