Why You Need to take Customs Seriously While Sending Courier Internationally?

About Customs

Following the custom regulation of the country, you are sending parcel is very important, you need to discuss the process in advance with the international custom services in Mumbai.

What is the need for custom Duty?

As a first-timer these questions might be bothering you, as the document for the customs clearance and other documents add up the charge, Parcelchief is here to clear your doubt. Mainly the job of the custom serves two main purposes for the country:

  • To make sure your courier to New Zealand does not carry any illegal item that is prohibited in the country.
  • To check whether you need to pay import tax for the item you are shipping to the country and if there is such item what are charges you are liable to pay. 

Each country has its own list of restricted items and charges, which you need to know if you are using international courier services in Mumbai for sending a courier outside India. 

You need to make sure the good you are sending is allowed to send in the country otherwise you are going to face a serious situation while sending your parcel. For example: if you are sending second-hand clothes to South American countries you can’t do that as the second-hand clothes are restricted by customs in the country even if they are personal for you. 

You need not worry as Parcelchief will help you to know the list of items that are prohibited when you are sending a courier to New Zealand. We are happy to advise you to make your experience of courier a happy one. 

Import Duty, Tax and Other Charges

Other than the list of the restricted item there comes the list of items on which you have to pay extra custom charge and duty. There is a need for you to fill the custom paperwork in which you need to fill the following information-

  • Value of the item Reason of the export 
  • Item Description

These documents are important to fill as after that the customer will determine if there are extra charges that you need to pay.

What do you need to avoid?

Most times people declare the low value than the actual value of the item to save the custom tax and duty, it is advisable only in the case if you can genuinely justify the amount you are declaring to the customs. 

To explain to you more easily let’s say you are sending a laptop via courier to New ZealandOriginally it cost you about $1000 but you declare the $200 so that you can pay low custom tax on its clearance. But there is a chance that customs official know about its real value or suspect that you have declared the lower value of the laptop. They will ask to justify and all these processes will delay the time of your shipment to reach its destination.

Nobody knows the exact time when the customs officers are going to be satisfied by your claim, so make sure that you don’t put yourself in some serious situation just to save some money on the shipment. Other than that, in case of damage your claim value gets affected if you declare the low amount of the item. 

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