Do’s and Don’ts of Sending a Parcel to USA from India

There are some guidelines that you need to follow when you are sending a courier to USA from India to avoid any damage to the item or problem with the customs office of the USA. ParcelChief will provide you the short summary that you can follow while using an international courier service

Here are the dos and don’ts that you need to consider when sending a parcel. 

DON’T: Avoid placing order at last minutes. 

DO: Take into consideration public holidays and any unforeseen circumstances

Not all courier service is going to offer you a courier pick-up service so booking a shipping service beforehand has a lot of advantages such as-

  • Avoid any non-working days or holidays that come in between the time you are sending a parcel to the shipping service.
  • Any mistake regarding the address can be resolved if you book in advance. 
  • Avoid getting stuck in bad-weather and unable to go to the shipping service office because of the weather.
  • Advance booking helps you with scheduling if you need to send a parcel at a specific date. 

DON’T: disregard the allowed dimensions

DO your homework – know the size and weight of your package

No one wants extra hidden charges that put a hole in the pocket, to avoid such happening you need to take the exact dimension of the packages you are going to send. The dimension of the package is the costing factor and you need to make sure that you take it accurately. 

It is helpful as some courier service might refuse to take the parcel if it goes above a certain weight limit and all your efforts and you can avoid going to them if you have done your homework. 

DON’T: place any forbidden items inside your package

DO: check what you can actually ship

Check the guideline of the courier service about the prohibited item. One thing that you can do is you can go on the portal of USA courier service and check the prohibited item list there when sending a courier to the USA

DON’T: reuse the same cardboard box several times

DO: pack your things carefully

Packing your item appropriately, for that you can look at the proper way of packaging the courier. Shipping companies often send a lot of courier at one time to avoid their cost, in that case, there are chances some boxes will be put above your courier to make sure the box you use is a new, and firm to avoid the damage while shipping. 

DON’T: leave your items loose inside a box

DO: separate your items and protect them individually

Make sure you fill the empty spaces with the packaging peanut so that the item inside doesn’t move much during the transportation. Also, the peanuts act as the cushioning for preserving the item from the impact. 

DON’T: forget to indicate the exact address or any relevant details when booking shipping services

DO: double-check the details of your order

Check thoroughly you are not missing something that can stop your courier to USA, double-check all the needed documents that you need to provide along with your parcel for its entry in the USA. Check the label and if you have attached them properly on the courier. 

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