Which is Better: International/Standard Delivery Service

Want to send a parcel, but it is your first time and you don’t know what to do? Sending a courier out of India is now easier, thanks to many international courier services in Mumbai which can be approached by anyone today to parcel across the globe. The only problem that you might face now is a difference in the rules and regulations that every international courier service follows. Choosing a standard delivery service might be a good option for you but here is something that you need to know before approaching them for making a courier to Germany with them. 

Parcelchief.in is here to help you out from your confusion, and tips that can make informative enough about how courier services work. 

Different types of courier services

Courier services are different from each other and the factors that create a difference between them include the speed delivery, type of shipment they take, etc. 

Let’s say you want to send a courier to USA from India, and you are on a budget then you need to look for a standard courier service that operates by collecting the small to medium parcel and transfer them to the delivery point. In case you need to send an expensive parcel you can seek us courier service that has its branch in India. Other than that if you demand the delivery at a specific time you need a courier service that offers fast delivery, but they are going to be expensive. 

You can select a pick-up date but not a specific time frame

When choosing a standard delivery service you need to be clear that they do not deliver your courier on a specific time frame that you want. The only thing that you can try is to call the local operator and ask if they can help you in making the delivery time frame narrower for you.  

Not every package is suitable for the standard service

There are different types of shipments that one needs to make like suitcases, boxes or sports equipment, etc. The standard delivery service might not offer their service if the shipment dimensions don’t fall into their criteria. 

So, check the dimensions of your courier to Germany before approaching the door of any international courier service in Mumbai

Not every item can be transported

Not every item can be transported to another country, so think twice if you are planning to send a poisonous, hazardous or infectious item. Always check the list of the prohibited item list, in case you want to know about the prohibited items list you can contact the parcelchief.in and get details about it. 

Shipping a pallet may be less expensive than sending a few boxes separately

In case you need to make your shipping cheaper you need to weigh the shipment/courier, as sending the courier boxes on a pallet and ship it all together can be cheaper. Before doing a pallet shipping make sure you know the difference between pallet shipping and package shipping and make sure to properly stack all your boxes on a pallet. 

Depending on the weight of a shipment, it may be cheaper to place your boxes on a pallet and ship it all together. Make sure you understand the difference between package and pallet shipping and properly stack all your boxes on a pallet.

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