With Great Delivery Comes Great Customers!

Running a business comes with a lot of work and responsibilities. We must have a thought that whether we have a reliable courier service to help us in delivering the products in a timely way? Courier service acts as a bridge between online businesses and customers. It is important for the growth of a business that this bridge is strong enough. Customers of all e-commerce businesses only have physical contact via a courier service. E-commerce businesses are expanding at alarming speeds because people do not have time to visit marketplaces to buy the products and to save time consumers prefer to order the products online and receive them at their doorstep.

We might wonder how we can get a great customer base with a good delivery service.

There are a few reasons mentioned below as to why online businesses should opt for a good courier service provider:

  1. Handle with care: A product needs to reach the customer without any damage. If we are sending a courier to the USA from India and it gets damaged while on the way, we might lose this customer and they might not order anything from us again. Also, we incur a loss equal to the cost of the product. This might have a bad impact on our business. Customers always expect the product to reach them in the best condition.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: A happy customer is the one who would place orders repeatedly. Only selling the good quality products is not sufficient, a good delivery also plays an important role. If the courier company is not good enough and delivers the product late to the customers, customers might get angry and never order from you again. How the delivery person treats the customers is also important as the delivery person is the only human that has in-person interaction with your customers. So, it is important to choose a courier company that has professional and trained staff.
  3. Delivery on time: On-time delivery ensures that businesses will get repeated orders from the customers. Think about it this way, if we order something online, we always want the product to reach us as soon as possible. Similarly, we can provide a delightful customer service experience by delivering the products to the customers at a faster speed. So, as a business owner, it becomes our responsibility to opt for a courier company that has a good track recording of delivering the products safely and quickly.
  4. Transparency on courier charges: Professional international courier services provide a break-up on the amount that they are charges for shipping the parcel. This increases the transparency in the international courier charges, and we know that how much is being charged for what. Some business owners tend to go for the courier company that has the lowest courier charges, which is not a good approach. We must also consider other delivery factors that can impact our business.
  5. Online trackers: Courier companies have smart online tracking systems embedded in their online websites. There is a tracking number associated with each courier shipped by the courier company. Courier companies share this tracking number with us and we can also share this with our customers and win their trust that we have shipped their courier. This tracking number just needs to be entered in the online tracking system available on the company’s website and we can check details on where the product is and an estimate on when we will receive it. They also send real-time notifications via email and text messages about the updates on the delivery of the product.

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