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Parcel Chief, with its boundless system over all Canadian regions has developed as a favored place for all Indians who continue to send courier to Canada from Chennai to their relatives, friends or for business deals.

In the late years there has been expanded interest to send courier from Chennai to Canada. The courier charges from Chennai to Canada are the most reduced one with us.

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Door To Door Courier Service From Chennai To Canada


Save up to 60% on the cost of carrier’s standard prices for sending courier to Canada from Chennai. Parcel Chief offer door to door delivery for both collecting and delivering of your cheap courier service from Chennai to Canada. Based in Mumbai, our presences shadow more than 220 countries worldwide and a smooth delivery of your courier to Canada. If you have a courier pickup to be done from residence or business address in Chennai and delivering it to your destination address in Canada our pan-Chennai collection setup will do it for you. We offer the cheapest parcel delivery from Chennai to Canada and in the least time. You can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number provided to you. Our evaluated time to send international courier from Chennai to Canada is 3-6 working days.

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Courier Charges From Chennai To Canada

0.5 KgINR 2,059INR 2,100INR 1,752
1 KgINR 2,425INR 2,244INR 2,064
2 KgINR 3,105INR 2,815INR 2,638
3 KgINR 3,637INR 3,516INR 3,737
4 KgINR 3,978INR 3,923INR 4,210
5 KgINR 4,419INR 4,430INR 4,773
6 KgINR 4,771INR 4,764INR 5,228
7 KgINR 5,223INR 5,197INR 5,785
8 KgINR 5,675INR 5,630INR 6,341
9 KgINR 6,126INR 6,062INR 6,895
10 KgINR 6,478INR 6,395INR 7,353
11 KgINR 7,101INR 7,355INR 7,187
12 KgINR 7,723INR 7,883INR 7,689
13 KgINR 8,346INR 8,410INR 8,181
14 KgINR 8,968INR 8,938INR 8,654
15 KgINR 9,590INR 9,466INR 9,134
16 KgINR 10,213INR 9,994INR 9,557
17 KgINR 10,935INR 10,621INR 10,088
18 KgINR 11,658INR 11,249INR 10,633
19 KgINR 12,280INR 11,777INR 11,096
20 KgINR 12,902INR 12,304INR 11,552
21 KgINR 13,763INR 12,959INR 13,543
22 KgINR 14,624INR 13,531INR 14,036
23 KgINR 15,484INR 14,104INR 14,517
24 KgINR 16,345INR 14,678INR 14,934
25 KgINR 17,205INR 15,250INR 15,356
26 KgINR 18,066INR 15,823INR 15,845
27 KgINR 18,926INR 16,397INR 16,436
28 KgINR 19,787INR 16,969INR 17,026
29 KgINR 20,647INR 17,542INR 17,616
30 KgINR 21,508INR 18,116INR 18,206
31 KgINR 26,683INR 18,688INR 18,796
32 KgINR 27,527INR 19,261INR 19,386
33 KgINR 28,372INR 19,834INR 19,976
34 KgINR 29,216INR 20,407INR 20,567
35 KgINR 30,061INR 20,980INR 21,157
36 KgINR 30,905INR 21,553INR 21,747
37 KgINR 31,750INR 22,127INR 22,337
38 KgINR 32,595INR 22,699INR 22,927
39 KgINR 33,439INR 23,272INR 23,517
40 KgINR 34,284INR 23,845INR 24,107
41 KgINR 35,128INR 24,418INR 25,590
42 KgINR 35,873INR 24,891INR 26,102
43 KgINR 36,817INR 25,564INR 26,814
44 KgINR 37,562INR 26,037INR 27,325
45 KgINR 38,506INR 26,704INR 26,824
46 KgINR 39,251INR 27,150INR 27,315
47 KgINR 40,095INR 27,696INR 27,894
48 KgINR 40,840INR 28,141INR 28,378
49 KgINR 41,685INR 28,687INR 28,963
50 KgINR 42,429INR 29,132INR 29,448
51 KgINR 37,202INR 29,678INR 28,572
52 KgINR 37,927INR 30,224INR 29,129
53 KgINR 38,653INR 30,769INR 29,685
54 KgINR 39,378INR 31,315INR 30,241
55 KgINR 40,104INR 31,860INR 30,797
56 KgINR 40,829INR 32,406INR 31,354
57 KgINR 41,555INR 32,952INR 31,910
58 KgINR 42,180INR 33,397INR 32,366
59 KgINR 42,906INR 33,943INR 32,923
60 KgINR 43,531INR 34,388INR 33,379
61 KgINR 44,157INR 34,834INR 33,835
62 KgINR 44,882INR 35,380INR 34,391
63 KgINR 45,508INR 35,825INR 34,848
64 KgINR 46,233INR 36,371INR 35,404
65 KgINR 46,859INR 36,816INR 35,860
66 KgINR 47,584INR 37,362INR 36,417
67 KgINR 48,210INR 37,808INR 36,873
68 KgINR 48,935INR 38,353INR 37,429
69 KgINR 49,561INR 38,799INR 37,885
70 KgINR 50,286INR 39,345INR 38,442
Above Courier Charges to Canada from Chennai is inclusive of GST (18%), Fuel Surcharge, Standard Insurance and completely door to door delivery.
Please Note - Duties, taxes and customs charges if any (in Canada) will be additional.

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Courier Services To Canada From Chennai

Parcel Chief will always help you in giving fastest delivery of your courier to Canada.

We take pride in our very productive client services group who is dependably there to take you out with any trouble related to your shipment.

We have an extensive variety of services to offer you in case you’re hoping to send a courier from Chennai to Canada remembering time and cost. We are 100% dedicated in offering you awesome quality on courier charges which you can’t discover anyplace else.

With our scope of cheap courier service to Canada from Chennai, we make it simple to locate the right one to suit your individual needs, and which will guarantee that your parcel is appeared in the most ideal way.

As the world’s second biggest nation, Canada’s landscape and climate conditions shift fiercely, and there are various difficulties which confront companies hoping to make themselves known there and most trusted when sending international courier from Chennai to Canada.

So if you’re willing to send cheapest courier service from Chennai to Canada, collaborating with a specialist in overall shipment will give you an awesome start.

And obviously, you might have family and companions who might welcome the simplicity and speed of your courier to Canada that may give you the feeling of being in touch, and help them to remember home.

Parcel Chief masterminds a huge number of parcels each day to be sent to destinations directly to Canada, and just works with the most trusted and dependable carriers, including DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS.

Working with these carriers for a long time, we have possessed the capacity to arrange amazing courier charges from Chennai to Canada which you will find hard to beat.

Transit Time For Courier To Canada From Chennai

  • When you book one of our services, your estimated transit time will be 3 to 4 working days till the shipment delivery from Mumbai.
  • These estimates are based on deliveries between major gateway cities and vary from service to service.
  • Please note that, while we enjoy a very high success rate, transit times are never guaranteed due to issues such as local bank holidays, adverse weather conditions and potential customs delays. If your delivery destination is remote, it may also take slightly longer to deliver.
  • *Please note that all transit times are calculated in working days (Monday to Friday).


Packing Advice For Courier To Canada

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