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In case you’re wanting to send a cheap courier to Canada from Kolkata, you’ll in this way need to pick a company that has a set up a system in the nation.

Parcel chief is a worldwide Courier Company offering Cheap international Courier from Kolkata to Canada and universally.

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Door To Door Courier Service From Kolkata To Canada


Save up to 60% on the cost of carrier’s standard prices for sending courier to Canada from Kolkata. Parcel Chief offer door to door delivery for both collecting and delivering of your courier service from Kolkata to Canada. Based in Mumbai, our presences shadow more than 220 countries worldwide and a smooth delivery of your courier to Canada. If you have a courier pickup to be done from residence or business address in Kolkata and delivering it to your destination address in Canada our pan-Kolkata collection setup will do it for you. We offer the cheapest parcel delivery from Kolkata to Canada and in the least time. You can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number provided to you. Our evaluated time to send international courier from Kolkata to Canada is 3-6 working days.

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Courier Charges From Kolkata To Canada

0.5 KgINR 2,062INR 2,103INR 1,755
1 KgINR 2,428INR 2,247INR 2,067
2 KgINR 3,108INR 2,818INR 2,641
3 KgINR 3,640INR 3,519INR 3,740
4 KgINR 3,981INR 3,926INR 4,213
5 KgINR 4,422INR 4,433INR 4,776
6 KgINR 4,774INR 4,767INR 5,231
7 KgINR 5,226INR 5,200INR 5,788
8 KgINR 5,678INR 5,633INR 6,344
9 KgINR 6,129INR 6,065INR 6,898
10 KgINR 6,481INR 6,398INR 7,356
11 KgINR 7,104INR 7,358INR 7,190
12 KgINR 7,726INR 7,886INR 7,692
13 KgINR 8,349INR 8,413INR 8,184
14 KgINR 8,971INR 8,941INR 8,657
15 KgINR 9,593INR 9,469INR 9,137
16 KgINR 10,216INR 9,997INR 9,560
17 KgINR 10,938INR 10,624INR 10,091
18 KgINR 11,661INR 11,252INR 10,636
19 KgINR 12,283INR 11,780INR 11,099
20 KgINR 12,905INR 12,307INR 11,555
21 KgINR 13,766INR 12,962INR 13,546
22 KgINR 14,627INR 13,534INR 14,039
23 KgINR 15,487INR 14,107INR 14,520
24 KgINR 16,348INR 14,681INR 14,937
25 KgINR 17,208INR 15,253INR 15,359
26 KgINR 18,069INR 15,826INR 15,848
27 KgINR 18,929INR 16,400INR 16,439
28 KgINR 19,790INR 16,972INR 17,029
29 KgINR 20,650INR 17,545INR 17,619
30 KgINR 21,511INR 18,119INR 18,209
31 KgINR 26,686INR 18,691INR 18,799
32 KgINR 27,530INR 19,264INR 19,389
33 KgINR 28,375INR 19,837INR 19,979
34 KgINR 29,219INR 20,410INR 20,570
35 KgINR 30,064INR 20,983INR 21,160
36 KgINR 30,908INR 21,556INR 21,750
37 KgINR 31,753INR 22,130INR 22,340
38 KgINR 32,598INR 22,702INR 22,930
39 KgINR 33,442INR 23,275INR 23,520
40 KgINR 34,287INR 23,848INR 24,110
41 KgINR 35,131INR 24,421INR 25,593
42 KgINR 35,876INR 24,894INR 26,105
43 KgINR 36,820INR 25,567INR 26,817
44 KgINR 37,565INR 26,040INR 27,328
45 KgINR 38,509INR 26,707INR 26,827
46 KgINR 39,254INR 27,153INR 27,318
47 KgINR 40,098INR 27,699INR 27,897
48 KgINR 40,843INR 28,144INR 28,381
49 KgINR 41,688INR 28,690INR 28,966
50 KgINR 42,432INR 29,135INR 29,451
51 KgINR 37,205INR 29,681INR 28,575
52 KgINR 37,930INR 30,227INR 29,132
53 KgINR 38,656INR 30,772INR 29,688
54 KgINR 39,381INR 31,318INR 30,244
55 KgINR 40,107INR 31,863INR 30,800
56 KgINR 40,832INR 32,409INR 31,357
57 KgINR 41,558INR 32,955INR 31,913
58 KgINR 42,183INR 33,400INR 32,369
59 KgINR 42,909INR 33,946INR 32,926
60 KgINR 43,534INR 34,391INR 33,382
61 KgINR 44,160INR 34,837INR 33,838
62 KgINR 44,885INR 35,383INR 34,394
63 KgINR 45,511INR 35,828INR 34,851
64 KgINR 46,236INR 36,374INR 35,407
65 KgINR 46,862INR 36,819INR 35,863
66 KgINR 47,587INR 37,365INR 36,420
67 KgINR 48,213INR 37,811INR 36,876
68 KgINR 48,938INR 38,356INR 37,432
69 KgINR 49,564INR 38,802INR 37,888
70 KgINR 50,289INR 39,348INR 38,445
Above Courier Charges to Canada from Kolkata is inclusive of GST (18%), Fuel Surcharge, Standard Insurance and completely door to door delivery.
Please Note - Duties, taxes and customs charges if any (in Canada) will be additional.

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Courier Services To Canada From Kolkata

We offer cheapest courier service from Kolkata to Canada. We have a tie-up from just top brand carriers, such as UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT, that will promise you the most ideal deliveries, whether you’re delivery is to a business in focal Ottowa or sending a parcel to a more remote zone of the Northwest domains.

We know precisely how to manage our clients with respect to cheap and safe courier services in Kolkata. We give affordable courier charges from Kolkata to Canada or from Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune or anywhere in India.

And because of Parcel Chief vast network and years of experience in Courier Industry you can rest guaranteed that your parcel is conveyed as securely and effectively as it could be expected under any circumstance.

If you have any inquiries concerning your courier or our site then don’t hesitate to contact Parcel chief’s customer care group who will be glad to offer assistance. We ensure that your parcel reaches its destination through the Parcel Chief site and from the best listed carriers.

With Parcel Chief you’ll get full satisfaction, as well as the best arrangement with the most cheap courier service from Kolkata to Canada.

All you need to do is to compare the prices for door-to-door courier from Kolkata to Canada just by filling our booking form.

You only need to enter pick up & destination address and the weight and measurements of the boxes you’d like to send and list of items you are looking to send. You’ll see the assortment of discounted courier’s up to 60% only by a click of your mouse.

Your courier will reach in just 3-6 working days with Parcel Chief.

So book your quote now as we are delighted to help you.


Transit Time For Courier To Canada From Kolkata

  • When you book one of our services, your estimated transit time will be 3 to 4 working days till the shipment delivery from Mumbai.
  • These estimates are based on deliveries between major gateway cities and vary from service to service.
  • Please note that, while we enjoy a very high success rate, transit times are never guaranteed due to issues such as local bank holidays, adverse weather conditions and potential customs delays. If your delivery destination is remote, it may also take slightly longer to deliver.
  • *Please note that all transit times are calculated in working days (Monday to Friday).


Packing Advice For Courier To Canada

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