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Door To DoorCourier ServiceFrom India To Germany

Courier Charges from Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata in India to Germany

Save up to 60% on the cost of carrier’s standard prices for sending courier to Germany from India. Parcel Chief offer door to door delivery for both collecting and delivering of your courier service from India to Germany. Based in Mumbai, our presences shadow more than 220 countries worldwide and a smooth delivery of your courier to Germany. If you have a courier pickup to be done from residence or business address in India and delivering it to your destination address in Germany, our pan-India collection setup will do it for you. We offer the cheapest parcel delivery from India to Germany and in the least time. You can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number provided to you. Our evaluated time to send international courier from India to Germany is 3-6 working days.

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Courier Charges From India To Germany

0.5 KgINR 2,020INR 2,002INR 1,609NA
1 KgINR 2,397INR 2,157INR 1,899NA
2 KgINR 3,080INR 2,714INR 2,524NA
3 KgINR 3,664INR 3,346INR 3,267NA
4 KgINR 4,097INR 3,472INR 3,653NA
5 KgINR 4,631INR 3,905INR 4,133NA
6 KgINR 5,015INR 4,195INR 4,511INR 4,060
7 KgINR 5,499INR 4,585INR 4,990INR 4,578
8 KgINR 5,982INR 4,975INR 5,428INR 5,145
9 KgINR 6,466INR 5,365INR 5,826INR 5,913
10 KgINR 6,850INR 5,655INR 6,125INR 5,761
11 KgINR 7,444INR 6,119INR 6,323INR 5,761
12 KgINR 8,038INR 6,564INR 6,744INR 6,266
13 KgINR 8,632INR 7,009INR 7,154INR 6,671
14 KgINR 9,226INR 7,455INR 7,566INR 7,276
15 KgINR 9,820INR 7,900INR 7,980INR 7,681
16 KgINR 10,414INR 8,345INR 8,373INR 8,086
17 KgINR 11,108INR 8,890INR 8,859INR 8,691
18 KgINR 11,802INR 9,435INR 9,348INR 9,096
19 KgINR 12,396INR 9,880INR 9,733INR 9,701
20 KgINR 12,990INR 10,325INR 10,119INR 9,960
21 KgINR 13,589INR 10,618INR 11,964INR 9,960
22 KgINR 14,189INR 11,061INR 12,363INR 10,534
23 KgINR 14,788INR 11,505INR 12,771INR 10,908
24 KgINR 15,387INR 11,949INR 13,158INR 11,482
25 KgINR 15,987INR 12,393INR 13,540INR 11,856
26 KgINR 16,586INR 12,836INR 13,955INR 12,230
27 KgINR 17,185INR 13,280INR 14,472INR 12,804
28 KgINR 17,785INR 13,724INR 14,989INR 13,178
29 KgINR 18,384INR 14,168INR 15,502INR 13,802
30 KgINR 18,983INR 14,611INR 16,024INR 14,034
31 KgINR 20,627INR 15,055INR 16,537INR 14,034
32 KgINR 21,276INR 15,499INR 17,058INR 14,641
33 KgINR 21,926INR 15,943INR 17,575INR 14,999
34 KgINR 22,575INR 16,387INR 18,093INR 15,356
35 KgINR 23,224INR 16,830INR 18,610INR 16,013
36 KgINR 23,873INR 17,274INR 19,127INR 16,371
37 KgINR 24,522INR 17,718INR 19,644INR 16,728
38 KgINR 25,171INR 18,162INR 20,162INR 17,385
39 KgINR 25,820INR 18,605INR 20,679INR 17,743
40 KgINR 26,469INR 19,049INR 21,196INR 18,100
41 KgINR 27,118INR 19,493INR 22,474INR 18,757
42 KgINR 27,667INR 19,837INR 22,909INR 19,115
43 KgINR 28,416INR 20,380INR 23,545INR 19,472
44 KgINR 28,965INR 20,724INR 23,981INR 20,079
45 KgINR 29,714INR 21,637INR 23,420INR 20,437
46 KgINR 30,264INR 21,877INR 23,829INR 20,794
47 KgINR 30,913INR 22,216INR 24,338INR 21,502
48 KgINR 31,462INR 22,456INR 24,748INR 21,859
49 KgINR 32,111INR 22,796INR 25,257INR 22,216
50 KgINR 32,660INR 23,035INR 25,666INR 21,995
51 KgINR 28,234INR 23,375INR 26,044INR 21,995
52 KgINR 28,784INR 23,715INR 26,551INR 22,634
53 KgINR 29,333INR 24,055INR 27,058INR 22,972
54 KgINR 29,883INR 24,394INR 27,564INR 23,311
55 KgINR 30,432INR 24,734INR 28,071INR 23,650
56 KgINR 30,982INR 25,074INR 28,578INR 24,489
57 KgINR 31,531INR 25,414INR 29,084INR 24,828
58 KgINR 31,981INR 25,653INR 29,491INR 25,167
59 KgINR 32,531INR 25,993INR 29,997INR 25,506
60 KgINR 32,980INR 26,233INR 30,404INR 25,845
61 KgINR 33,430INR 26,473INR 30,811INR 26,684
62 KgINR 33,979INR 26,812INR 31,317INR 27,023
63 KgINR 34,429INR 27,052INR 31,724INR 27,362
64 KgINR 34,978INR 27,392INR 32,231INR 27,701
65 KgINR 35,428INR 27,632INR 32,637INR 28,040
66 KgINR 35,977INR 27,971INR 33,144INR 28,879
67 KgINR 36,427INR 28,211INR 33,551INR 29,218
68 KgINR 36,977INR 28,551INR 34,057INR 29,557
69 KgINR 37,426INR 28,791INR 34,464INR 29,896
70 KgINR 37,976INR 29,130INR 34,970INR 30,235
Above Courier Charges to Germany from India is inclusive of GST (18%), Fuel Surcharge, Standard Insurance and completely door to door delivery.
Please Note - Duties, taxes and customs charges if any (in Germany) will be additional.

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Send Courier To Germany

Send your parcel from anywhere in India to anywhere in Germany – Berlin | Hamburg | Munich | Frankfurt | Dusseldorf …

If you are sending for business or individual reasons, utilizing a carrier to send cheapest courier services to Germany from India is basic, and can be a great deal with Parcel Chief than you may imagine.

Clients have various choices concerning sending parcels to different carriers to Germany. For this, we provide rate of carrier TNT Express, FedEx International Priority, DHL Express and UPS Express Saver and Parcel Chief Duty & Taxes Paid Delivery so that your parcel will reach on time and in good condition without any extra charges.

We work with just the best worldwide carriers to guarantee that our service is the best accessible when you need to send an international courier to Germany from India.

We offer profoundly reduced costs with top quality – you can anticipate that discount of up to  60% than if you were to book directly with the carriers.

Booking your courier to Germany with Parcel Chief ensures you probably the most focused universal delivery rates in India and a great parcel service which takes full care of collection through to delivery. Our big range of carrier force implies that we can arrange most cheap courier charges from India to Germany.

Once your decision is made, pick a period that is helpful and the carrier of your decision will drop by to get your parcel. Your courier to Germany will be well on its route with no issue.

With such a wide range of courier services to Germany, you need to search no further for your shipment needs except here.

ShipmentTransit Timefrom India

  • When you book one of our services, your estimated transit time will be 3 to 4 working days till the shipment delivery from Mumbai.
  • These estimates are based on deliveries between major gateway cities and vary from service to service.
  • Please note that, while we enjoy a very high success rate, transit times are never guaranteed due to issues such as local bank holidays, adverse weather conditions and potential customs delays. If your delivery destination is remote, it may also take slightly longer to deliver.
  • *Please note that all transit times are calculated in working days (Monday to Friday).

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