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International Courier Services From Mumbai | Pune | Delhi | Chennai | Bangalore | Hyderabad | Ahmadabad | Kolkata In India To Worldwide.


5 Kg Parcel To UK - Rs.3,053
10 Kg Parcel To UK - Rs.4,805
20 Kg Parcel To UK - Rs.8,979
30 Kg Parcel To UK Rs.11,474

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5 Kg Parcel To USA - Rs.4,327
10Kg Parcel To USA, Rs.6,241
20Kg Parcel To USA Rs.11550
30Kg Parcel To USA Rs.17721

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Parcel to Australia

5 Kg To Australia - Rs.4,447
10 Kg To Australia - Rs.6,922
20 Kg To Australia - Rs.11,492
30 Kg To Australia - Rs.16,850

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5 Kg To Canada - Rs.4,417
10 Kg To Canada - Rs.6,393
20 Kg To Canada - Rs.11,550
30 Kg To Canada - Rs.18,114

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In the early ages, royal courts retained foot messengers as mail men. Riders galloped on fast horses to provide courier services and messages on time.

Runners trained as delivery boys, ran between destinations, more often than not relaying official documents and scrolls.

While pigeons were symbolic as love messengers, some village chiefs, used sound waves to tom tom their communications.

That was way back in human history.

Today, you have Parcel Chief.

Collecting parcels from any place in India for delivery anywhere in the world, Parcel Chief has connections all over Planet Earth. Our all India collection set-up, paired with our extensive international delivery module competes with the most excellent in the business, at way better rates.

So if it’s your commercial package that needs to be picked from the country’s financial hub Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and delivered to a distant factory anywhere in South East Asia, China, Japan or Malaysia ..

Or whether it’s your educational certificates and transcripts or your personal items that you are planning to send to the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, France or the U.S.

Or if it’s  your immigration documents that need to be sent to any part of Europe,

Or a gift to dear one in the Middle East or Africa,

Then, pick up your  phone. And call us. Now.

We will book a prompt delivery for you. From anywhere in India, to anywhere worldwide.

Reliability, consistency, security and speed are at the heart of Parcel Chief.

With our vast and profound understanding of the industry, we cater to and connect every international courier services according to the requirements of each and every client we interact.

At the core of our existence, is a vibrant team of trained,courteous and experienced logistics professionals who assist you to overcome all the difficulties that you may often come across while shipping your packages from India.

We provide all type of services such as:

Door to Door Courier Service – Express Parcel Delivery – International Courier Services – Package Delivery – Same Week Courier Service – Professional Courier – Special Documents Delivery – Heavy or Large Parcel – Same Week Express Courier Service – and many more.


With Global Connections and Local Reach.


For us at Parcel Chief. The world is our Oyster.


Best & Reliable International Courier Services

International Courier Charges From Mumbai, India with Parcel Chief

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Why People Choose Us

  •   UK, USA, Europe & Worldwide Delivery with a specific end goal.
  •   Quick, Reliable, and Secure Door to Door delivery services.
  •   Easy Booking & Shipment Tracking.
  •   Brilliant Customer Service.
  •   Biggest extent of Parcel and Courier Services.
  •   Phone, Email and Social Media support.




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