Packing & Weighing Advice

Parcel Chief is delivering shipments all over the globe with a promise of care and speed. As we are aware that all consignments are habitually pass through numerous facilities across the world while in transit. In order to make certain that your parcel reach destination in the best possible state, we throw light on some key packing points below for you.
  • Make sure that the cardboard boxes are completely filled as under-filled boxes possibly will collapse.

  • If boxes are clogged in with stuff there are high chances that they may end up bursting.

  • Make a note that the weight specification limit doesn’t meet its exceeding point as set down by the manufacturer.

  • As commonly recognized cardboard boxes are the most preferable way to pack your belongings as they are available in a diverse range of sizes, shapes, materials and support accessories to fortify and protect them.

  • When packing heavy goods, it is advisable to use wooden containers for their strong nature, and also they are prepared for machine handling. But wood material calls for the Certificate of Fumigation with additional expense.

  • However, there are better choices exists to wooden containers in the market in the form of heavy-duty double-layered cardboard boxes, which is an economical buy in comparison.

  • Lightweight documents can be put in cardboard envelopes. And, to carry articles like discs, tapes, keys and tiny electronic parts use cushioned, padded or bubble envelopes. The array of envelopes also offers waterproof and anti-static versions. Lastly, keep envelopes made of fabric at bay.

  • The quality of packing material plays a vital role. A secure transition of goods is likely when a higher class wrapping and cushioning/filler materials is used, stay away from damage boxes and containers, think about the strength and toughness of your selected packing, make sure that old stickers and labels are taken off when reusing the boxes.

  • We strongly recommend the use of padding to shun loose contents; the delicate items should be adequately cushioned from all sides. Secure information and media discs/tapes with cushioning and protective bags.

  • The apposite packaging of goods often rolls out a safe and intact delivery in the destination.

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