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Parcel Chief offers complete Door to Door and Discounted International Document Courier Charges saving up to 60-70% on the cost of carrier’s standard prices and Instant access to compare rates and much more!

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Indian Financial and Economic systems are mounting at the rapid pace, and setting up the successful global connections in a variety of segments comprising: Trade, Education, Banking, Logistics, Tourism, Cinema, Information & Technology and many more.

The boost in operations between India and the world has composed a significant need for a heap of International Document Delivery, which connects various Indian organizations and individuals across more than 200 countries worldwide.

Every day, India dispatches and receives a hefty sum of documents deliveries.

To carry out these deliveries Parcel Chief is all you need; with us, within a very few simple steps you can book a fluent International Document Delivery.

Our comprehensive online rate table will assist you to pick and choose the rates efficiently.

The probability of any damage is slight in transit, as the credentials are light in weight.

Unlike International Parcel delivery, International Document Delivery will keep the customs at bay at the destination. Hence, it is an expeditious means of transfer.

Whether your distant counterpart in Chile, Fast East, and Africa is a swift delivery of Bill of Lading, or be it a submission of your educational transcript to a well known learning institute anywhere in the USA, Australia, Europe and Canada, or some vital documents for the immigration which have a need of dependable delivery to the Middle East, Norway, and Turkey, or to convey your valuable emotions by sending personal letters to loved ones in the New Zealand, UK, UAE and Mauritius.

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Parcel Chief will complete a point to point delivery for you every time and at the most competitive rate in the business.

Our extensive delivery system is modeled to meet the needs of International Document Delivery that matches the crest in the industry, and also it is driven by a team of skilled, vibrant, dedicated, experience, and polite professionals who are keen to help always.

To book your International Document Delivery call or email us now.

Please Note:

  • Only Letters/Papers can be send in document mode.
  • If there is any lamination or plastic or pin attached with the documents then it can only be send in non-document courier mode.
  • If you are looking to send any original document then please inform before pickup to check whether it can be sent or not.

CountryWeight in GramsDocument Courier Charges
Australia0.400 GramsINR 2,284
Austria0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Azerbaijan0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Bahrain0.400 GramsINR 1,902
Bangladesh0.400 GramsINR 1,866
Belgium0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Bhutan0.400 GramsINR 1,866
Bosnia0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Bulgaria0.400 GramsINR 3,131
Cambodia0.400 GramsINR 2,320
Cameroon0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Canada0.400 GramsINR 2,150
Chad0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Chile0.400 GramsINR 2,873
China0.400 GramsINR 2,032
Colombia0.400 GramsINR 2,873
Congo0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Congo, The Democratic Republic0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Cuba0.400 GramsINR 2,873
Curacao0.400 GramsINR 2,873
Czech Republic0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Denmark0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Djibouti0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Ecuador0.400 GramsINR 2,873
Egypt0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Estonia0.400 GramsINR 3,131
Ethiopia0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Fiji0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Finland0.400 GramsINR 3,131
France0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Germany0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Ghana0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Greece0.400 GramsINR 3,131
Greenland0.400 GramsINR 3,131
Guyana0.400 GramsINR 2,873
Haiti0.400 GramsINR 2,873
Hong Kong0.400 GramsINR 1,813
Hungary0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Iceland0.400 GramsINR 3,131
Indonesia0.400 GramsINR 2,320
Iran0.400 GramsINR 1,902
Iraq Republic0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Ireland0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Italy0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Ivory Coast0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Jamaica0.400 GramsINR 2,873
Japan0.400 GramsINR 2,320
Jordan0.400 GramsINR 1,902
Kazakhstan0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Kenya0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Kiribati0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Korea, The D.P.R Of0.400 GramsINR 2,320
Kuwait0.400 GramsINR 1,902
Kyrgyzstan0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Latvia0.400 GramsINR 3,131
Lebanon0.400 GramsINR 1,902
Luxembourg0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Madagascar0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Malawi0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Malaysia0.400 GramsINR 1,813
Maldives0.400 GramsINR 1,866
Mauritius0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Mexico0.400 GramsINR 3,602
Myanmar0.400 GramsINR 2,320
Nepal0.400 GramsINR 1,866
Netherlands0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Netherlands Antilles0.400 GramsINR 3,131
New Caledonia0.400 GramsINR 3,368
New Zealand0.400 GramsINR 2,440
Nigeria0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Norway0.400 GramsINR 3,131
Oman0.400 GramsINR 1,902
Pakistan0.400 GramsINR 1,902
Palau0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Panama0.400 GramsINR 2,873
Peru0.400 GramsINR 2,873
Philippines0.400 GramsINR 2,320
Poland0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Portugal0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Qatar0.400 GramsINR 1,902
Romania0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Saudi Arabia0.400 GramsINR 1,902
Senegal0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Serbia0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Seychelles0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Sierra Leone0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Singapore0.400 GramsINR 1,813
Slovak Republic0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Slovenia0.400 GramsINR 3,131
Solomon Islands0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Somalia0.400 GramsINR 3,368
South Africa0.400 GramsINR 2,873
South Korea0.400 GramsINR 2,320
South Sudan0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Spain0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Sri Lanka0.400 GramsINR 1,866
Sudan0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Suriname0.400 GramsINR 2,873
Swaziland0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Sweden0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Switzerland0.400 GramsINR 2,105
Syria0.400 GramsINR 1,902
Taiwan0.400 GramsINR 2,320
Tanzania0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Thailand0.400 GramsINR 1,813
Togo0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Tonga0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Tunisia0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Turkey0.400 GramsINR 3,131
Turkmenistan0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Turks & Caicos Islands0.400 GramsINR 2,873
Tuvalu0.400 GramsINR 3,368
UAE0.400 GramsINR 1,866
Uganda0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Ukraine0.400 GramsINR 3,368
United Kingdom0.400 GramsINR 2,105
USA0.400 GramsINR 1,847
Uzbekistan0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Venezuela0.400 GramsINR 2,873
Vietnam0.400 GramsINR 2,320
Yemen0.400 GramsINR 1,902
Zambia0.400 GramsINR 3,368
Zimbabwe0.400 GramsINR 3,368

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