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Our Best Rates For International Document Courier to UAE

The United Arab Emirates, generally known as the UAE, is a moderately youthful country which has rapidly turned into an imperative business center in the Middle East.

The dominant part of clients searching for courier to UAE from India need to send a courier to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, as these are the fundamental business focuses in the UAE furthermore where most of the 240,000 UK expats in the nation reside.

Whether you need to send cheap courier from India to UAE for business or package for individual reasons, we can help, and our client care groups are constantly close by to solve all your problems.

Parcel Chief feels glad to offer a brilliant level of shipment with cheap courier charges to UAE, regardless of what type of parcel you need to send to United Arab Emirates.

You will besides can track the task dependably, you have to keep family or partners updated then you can fundamentally check and see where your parcel is through our online tracking number.


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Wherever you’d like to send a parcel, Parcel Chief can spare your cash and time. As a significant record holder with top worldwide carriers including DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS, so that we can arrange the best delivery rates for our clients.

Our involvement in the business sector for overall shipping, including carriers, for example, FedEx International Priority and, for those deliveries that are important, DHL Express, has implied that we have arranged incredible arrangements regardless of how your parcel is, and which you won’t find by managing straightforwardly with a universal parcel delivery carrier.

So come to Parcel Chief first when you need cheapest courier service from India to UAE, in light of the fact that we can put our boundless information available to you for discovering the best arrangement out there.

Courier Services To UAE From India 

Courier to Abu Dhabi:
Before you send an international courier to Abu Dhabi, surely give a try to Parcel Chief for your deliveries.
Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE is one of the regions where a ton of parcels have been sent for a number of reasons, for example, tourism, families yet it is for the most part related to business.

Parcel Chief is working with heading universal carriers, such as, UPS, FedEx, TNT and DHL, and can help you to discover the best rates and the fastest reaching times for your parcels. So whether you’re sending a courier to Abu Dhabi, we can get it there for you rapidly and securely.

Courier to Dubai:
Let our site be your first port of call for your Dubai courier services. The Emirate of Dubai is the most crowded state inside the United Arab Emirates and is the second biggest, by region, of the seven constituent Emirates. The fast improvement and development of Dubai, and specifically Dubai City, has seen an increase of courier services to the city in these years.

You can also use our cheapest courier charges on a scope of top global carriers including DHL UPS FedEx and TNT which will reach your parcels in the specified time and in best way.

Our services is fast and simple that allows you to enjoy the best affordable rates which you won’t find anywhere else.

Shipping Restrictions:

At the point when delivery to The United Arab Emirates it is necessary to consider the different transportation confinements and forbidding to guarantee that your parcel achieves its expected goal. There are strict limitations in constraint, so be careful when sending a parcel to a companion or relative in the United Arab Emirates. Radioactive materials are also restricted.

Very nearly all courier to UAE from India are liable to a traditions obligation upon landing. The essential obligation expense is five for every penny of the shipment’s worth. A few products, for example, liquor and cigarettes, have a much higher obligation expense to the extent that 50 to 100 for every penny.

To send courier to UAE, correct documentation is obliged; this can incorporate the first receipt related to the


Door To Door Courier Service From India To UAE


Save up to 60% on the cost of carrier’s standard prices for sending courier to UAE from India. Parcel Chief offer door to door delivery for both collecting and delivering of your courier service from India to UAE. Based in Mumbai, our presences shadow more than 220 countries worldwide and a smooth delivery of your courier to UAE. If you have a courier pickup to be done from residence or business address in India and delivering it to your destination address in UAE, our pan-India collection setup will do it for you. We offer the cheapest parcel delivery from India to UAE and in the least time. You can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number provided to you. Our evaluated time to send international courier from India to UAE is 3-6 working days.

0.5 Kg INR 2,576 INR 1,565 INR 2,112
1 Kg INR 3,037 INR 1,759 INR 2,475
2 Kg INR 3,987 INR 2,299 INR 3,389
3 Kg INR 4,825 INR 3,141 INR 4,221
4 Kg INR 5,551 INR 3,418 INR 4,724
5 Kg INR 6,376 INR 3,795 INR 5,331
6 Kg INR 6,910 INR 4,109 INR 6,746
7 Kg INR 7,544 INR 4,477 INR 7,263
8 Kg INR 8,178 INR 4,845 INR 7,781
9 Kg INR 8,812 INR 5,213 INR 8,300
10 Kg INR 9,345 INR 5,481 INR 8,734
11 Kg INR 9,686 INR 5,818 INR 9,369
12 Kg INR 10,027 INR 6,158 INR 9,884
13 Kg INR 10,368 INR 6,498 INR 10,342
14 Kg INR 10,708 INR 6,838 INR 10,802
15 Kg INR 11,049 INR 7,178 INR 11,258
16 Kg INR 11,390 INR 7,518 INR 11,714
17 Kg INR 11,831 INR 7,958 INR 12,268
18 Kg INR 12,271 INR 8,398 INR 12,813
19 Kg INR 12,612 INR 8,739 INR 13,248
20 Kg INR 12,953 INR 9,078 INR 13,689
21 Kg INR 14,030 INR 9,949 INR 13,881
22 Kg INR 15,106 INR 10,276 INR 14,519
23 Kg INR 16,183 INR 10,603 INR 15,156
24 Kg INR 17,260 INR 10,930 INR 15,793
25 Kg INR 18,337 INR 11,257 INR 16,430
26 Kg INR 19,414 INR 11,584 INR 17,067
27 Kg INR 20,491 INR 11,912 INR 17,705
28 Kg INR 21,568 INR 12,239 INR 18,339
29 Kg INR 22,645 INR 12,566 INR 18,979
30 Kg INR 23,722 INR 12,893 INR 19,616
31 Kg INR 23,014 INR 13,220 INR 20,251
32 Kg INR 23,740 INR 13,547 INR 20,891
33 Kg INR 24,466 INR 13,874 INR 21,528
34 Kg INR 25,193 INR 14,201 INR 22,162
35 Kg INR 25,919 INR 14,528 INR 22,802
36 Kg INR 26,645 INR 14,855 INR 23,439
37 Kg INR 27,371 INR 15,183 INR 24,073
38 Kg INR 28,098 INR 15,510 INR 24,714
39 Kg INR 28,824 INR 15,837 INR 25,351
40 Kg INR 29,550 INR 16,164 INR 25,985
41 Kg INR 30,276 INR 16,491 INR 26,626
42 Kg INR 30,903 INR 16,718 INR 27,163
43 Kg INR 31,729 INR 17,145 INR 27,896
44 Kg INR 32,355 INR 17,372 INR 28,437
45 Kg INR 33,181 INR 17,698 INR 25,195
46 Kg INR 33,808 INR 17,983 INR 25,644
47 Kg INR 34,534 INR 18,368 INR 26,192
48 Kg INR 35,160 INR 18,653 INR 26,641
49 Kg INR 35,887 INR 19,039 INR 27,194
50 Kg INR 36,513 INR 19,324 INR 27,642
51 Kg INR 24,784 INR 19,709 INR 28,191
52 Kg INR 25,266 INR 20,094 INR 28,740
53 Kg INR 25,748 INR 20,479 INR 29,289
54 Kg INR 26,230 INR 20,865 INR 29,838
55 Kg INR 26,712 INR 21,250 INR 30,387
56 Kg INR 27,194 INR 21,635 INR 30,936
57 Kg INR 27,676 INR 22,020 INR 31,480
58 Kg INR 28,058 INR 22,305 INR 31,929
59 Kg INR 28,540 INR 22,691 INR 32,478
60 Kg INR 28,922 INR 22,976 INR 32,926
61 Kg INR 29,304 INR 23,261 INR 33,380
62 Kg INR 29,786 INR 23,646 INR 33,929
63 Kg INR 30,168 INR 23,932 INR 34,378
64 Kg INR 30,650 INR 24,317 INR 34,926
65 Kg INR 31,032 INR 24,602 INR 35,375
66 Kg INR 31,514 INR 24,987 INR 35,924
67 Kg INR 31,896 INR 25,272 INR 36,373
68 Kg INR 32,378 INR 25,658 INR 36,922
69 Kg INR 32,760 INR 25,943 INR 37,365
70 Kg INR 33,242 INR 26,328 INR 37,914

Parcel Chief – Customer Reviews

International Parcel Chief
Reviewed from Google

4.9 out of 5 stars

chandrima dutta
chandrima dutta

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

I have sent packages two times now to the US and I must say, each time they did an excellent job. I am always relieved when I send it through them because they do ontime delivery and very quick service. It is also very cost effective as well.

Prasad Pandey
Prasad Pandey

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Awesome service... Awesome people... Awesome customer service... Reasonable rates... Thank you parcel chief team!!!

FinForce Consulting
FinForce Consulting

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Parcel Chief knows their job well. It is always a delight and hassle-free experience of booking domestic or international courier with us. Over the years, Parcel Chief has become our Go To courier agency for all our needs. Their staff do not hesitate to go extra mile to save out time.

I really appreciate Mr. Alam and Mr. Husain service in booking our parcels. Thank you guys! keep up the good work.

Priyanka Vaidya
Priyanka Vaidya

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Thank u for courier chief guys ,I m working with u from last almost 6-8month ,n getting very good service asap .my coordinate person Mr husseen is very good person n helping me all the time and arranging pick up n all very well .pick person also very good helping person which manage all very well
So inshort it's good experience so far with this company.only request if possible make comfortable in cost as we r giving regular business
Thank u so much

Shraddha J
Shraddha J

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Very prompt service and on time. Recommend to everyone who would like to send courier outside India and best cheaper rates.

For more Reviews, click on the Parcel Chief profile.




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Transit Time For Courier To UAE From India

  • When you book one of our services, your estimated transit time will be 2 – 3 working days till the shipment delivery.


  • These estimates are based on deliveries between major gateway cities and vary from service to service.


  • Please note that, while we enjoy a very high success rate, transit times are never guaranteed due to issues such as local bank holidays, adverse weather conditions and potential customs delays. If your delivery destination is remote, it may also take slightly longer to deliver.


  • *Please note that all transit times are calculated in working days (Monday to Friday).

Packing Advice For Courier To UAE

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Import duty & taxes when importing into United Arab Emirates

Import duty & taxes when importing into United Arab Emirates

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