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At Parcel Chief, you can get your goods shipped for less and at the best rates on courier to Australia from India with our Australia parcel service which offers variety of services and with reasonable price.

Australia has a solid economy, positioning thirteenth in the world regardless of its little size and remote area. Personal satisfaction classifications, including future, human services and monetary opportunity are good to exchange with Britain. Its closeness to Asian countries heads the nation to work more nearly with these nations than numerous European accomplices. Australia works a free-showcase economy, imparting its money to a few encompassing island countries and regions.


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Whether you need to send a courier to Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide, or in case you’re sending something globally, you may require some method on how to pick the best parcel service for your needs.

At Parcel Chief, we just utilize the best and most-famous delivery services to offer you the best delivery rates. Regardless of what you’re looking to send with whatever size and weight, you can completely depend on Parcel Chief for cheapest courier service from India, as we give the most up-to- date modest delivery rates.

We offer express courier service utilizing the world’s best courier companies including UPS, FedEx, TNT and DHL. Our tremendous purchasing force empowers us to offer cheap courier charges from India to Australia, with up to 60% discount from the direct carrier rates.

When you send a courier to Australia from India, it is vital that you check what you can and can’t send to keep away from any issues at customs. A portion of the precluded things you won’t be permitted to send to Australia incorporate all manifestations of coin, including valuable metals (barring some gems things) and stones and cards, and products bearing the name ‘Anzac’. What’s more, radioactive materials, perishable irresistible organic substances and utilized sheets are not permitted as they could be risky or make a pollution hazard.

Courier Services To Australia From India

Sydney may not be the capital of Australia however it is the biggest city in Australia and in addition whatever remains of the Oceania locale. The Olympic Games in 2000 were held in Sydney and numerous organizations and commercial ventures have been given a welcome help because of the city being on the universal stage.

Sending a courier to the opposite side of the world may appear an overwhelming prospect and additionally not being certain how quickly your parcel will arrive. This is the reason Parcel Chief has given services to send about every nation on the planet covering a large number of urban areas including Sydney, Australia.

By going to Parcel Chief you can send your parcels by using our top global carriers such as DHL, UPS, TNT and FedEx so that you get the services on which you can rely for your best courier to Australia.

With Parcel Chief, you can be sure that whatever the parcel is, it can be conveyed to Australia without any


Door To Door Courier Service From India To Australia


Save up to 60% on the cost of carrier’s standard prices for sending courier to Australia from India. Parcel Chief offer door to door delivery for both collecting and delivering of your courier services to Australia. Based in Mumbai, our presences shadow more than 220 countries worldwide and a smooth delivery of your courier to Australia. If you have a courier pickup to be done from residence or business address in India and delivering it to your destination address in Australia, our pan-India collection setup will do it for you. We offer the cheapest parcel delivery from India to Australia and in the least time. You can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number provided to you. Our evaluated time to send international courier from India to Australia is 3-6 working days.

Courier Charges From India To Australia

0.5 KgINR 2,080 INR 2,160 INR 2,520
1 KgINR 2,470 INR 2,228 INR 2,995
2 KgINR 3,199 INR 2,946 INR 3,873
3 KgINR 3,821 INR 3,683 INR 4,646
4 KgINR 4,287 INR 4,015 INR 5,244
5 KgINR 4,852 INR 4,447 INR 5,939
6 KgINR 5,322 INR 5,233 INR 7,289
7 KgINR 5,891 INR 5,680 INR 8,069
8 KgINR 6,460 INR 6,128 INR 8,852
9 KgINR 7,029 INR 6,575 INR 9,631
10 KgINR 7,498 INR 6,922 INR 10,289
11 KgINR 8,213 INR 7,385 INR 10,997
12 KgINR 8,928 INR 7,846 INR 11,703
13 KgINR 9,642 INR 8,306 INR 12,400
14 KgINR 10,357 INR 8,767 INR 13,093
15 KgINR 11,072 INR 9,227 INR 13,779
16 KgINR 11,787 INR 9,688 INR 14,484
17 KgINR 12,602 INR 10,249 INR 15,281
18 KgINR 13,417 INR 10,809 INR 16,089
19 KgINR 14,131 INR 11,270 INR 16,796
20 KgINR 14,846 INR 11,730 INR 17,492
21 KgINR 15,204 INR 12,221 INR 18,386
22 KgINR 15,562 INR 12,735 INR 19,235
23 KgINR 15,919 INR 13,250 INR 20,090
24 KgINR 16,277 INR 13,764 INR 20,938
25 KgINR 16,635 INR 14,278 INR 21,793
26 KgINR 16,992 INR 14,792 INR 22,641
27 KgINR 17,350 INR 15,307 INR 23,497
28 KgINR 17,708 INR 15,821 INR 24,345
29 KgINR 18,065 INR 16,335 INR 25,200
30 KgINR 18,423 INR 16,850 INR 26,048
31 KgINR 18,638 INR 17,364 INR 26,904
32 KgINR 19,223 INR 17,878 INR 27,751
33 KgINR 19,809 INR 18,392 INR 28,607
34 KgINR 20,394 INR 18,907 INR 29,454
35 KgINR 20,979 INR 19,421 INR 30,306
36 KgINR 21,564 INR 19,935 INR 31,162
37 KgINR 22,149 INR 20,449 INR 32,009
38 KgINR 22,734 INR 20,964 INR 32,866
39 KgINR 23,319 INR 21,478 INR 33,712
40 KgINR 23,904 INR 21,992 INR 34,569
41 KgINR 24,489 INR 22,507 INR 35,415
42 KgINR 24,974 INR 22,921 INR 36,173
43 KgINR 25,660 INR 23,535 INR 37,118
44 KgINR 26,145 INR 23,949 INR 37,876
45 KgINR 26,830 INR 25,270 INR 41,479
46 KgINR 27,315 INR 25,672 INR 42,290
47 KgINR 27,900 INR 26,174 INR 43,200
48 KgINR 28,385 INR 26,577 INR 44,011
49 KgINR 28,970 INR 27,079 INR 44,922
50 KgINR 29,455 INR 27,481 INR 45,732
51 KgINR 30,040 INR 27,983 INR 46,643
52 KgINR 30,626 INR 28,486 INR 47,554
53 KgINR 31,211 INR 28,988 INR 48,464
54 KgINR 31,796 INR 29,490 INR 49,375
55 KgINR 32,381 INR 29,992 INR 50,286
56 KgINR 32,966 INR 30,495 INR 51,196
57 KgINR 33,551 INR 30,997 INR 52,107
58 KgINR 34,036 INR 31,399 INR 52,918
59 KgINR 34,621 INR 31,901 INR 53,828
60 KgINR 35,106 INR 32,304 INR 54,639
61 KgINR 35,592 INR 32,706 INR 55,450
62 KgINR 36,177 INR 33,208 INR 56,360
63 KgINR 36,662 INR 33,610 INR 57,171
64 KgINR 37,247 INR 34,113 INR 58,082
65 KgINR 37,732 INR 34,515 INR 58,892
66 KgINR 38,317 INR 35,017 INR 59,803
67 KgINR 38,802 INR 35,419 INR 60,613
68 KgINR 39,387 INR 35,922 INR 61,524
69 KgINR 39,872 INR 36,324 INR 62,335
70 KgINR 40,457 INR 36,826 INR 63,245

Parcel Chief – Customer Reviews

International Parcel Chief
Reviewed from Google

4.9 out of 5 stars

ankita singh
ankita singh

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

It was wonderful experience... Staffs are really good and helpful with all the queries . Shipment pick up packing and delivery was done on time and with quality.. Looking forward to have same experience in future.. stay true!! 👍

Aanchal Raj
Aanchal Raj

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Reliable, efficient and cost-effective. Happy to use their services. They helped me parcel a courier from India to Jamaica within a very short span of time and the courier reached safely too.

Puttamaleshaiah K M
Puttamaleshaiah K M

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

It is a good and promised service well ahead of the promIsed schedule. They took interest in both picking and delivery of the parcel. This is my first experience with parcel chief.It is a good service keep it up

Sohail Kasem
Sohail Kasem

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 weeks ago

Very good service
Actually very quick.
The staffs are helpful and decent
Looking forward for more such experience in near future
Parcel chief is the best for international courier as per my opinion.

Mussarat Sankay
Mussarat Sankay

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Excellent service.. Very helpful and courteous staff.. Courier came in earlier than anticipated and delivered as promised.. Highly recommend them..

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Save Up To 60% On Parcel From India
Save Up To 60% On Parcel From India


Cheap Courier Exports Items From India
Cheap Courier Exports Items From India


How Parcel Chief Works To Send Courier From India
How Parcel Chief Works To Send Courier From India

Transit Time For Courier To Australia From India

  • When you book one of our services, your estimated transit time will be 3 to 4 working days till the shipment delivery from Mumbai.


  • These estimates are based on deliveries between major gateway cities and vary from service to service.


  • Please note that, while we enjoy a very high success rate, transit times are never guaranteed due to issues such as local bank holidays, adverse weather conditions and potential customs delays. If your delivery destination is remote, it may also take slightly longer to deliver.


  • *Please note that all transit times are calculated in working days (Monday to Friday).

Packing Advice For Courier To Australia

Packing Advice From Parcel Chief Courier Service

Import duty & taxes when importing into Australia

Import taxes when importing into Australia

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