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Who We Are

Parcel Chief has witnessed five prosperous years in the courier industry.

Ever since its inception in the early summers of 2014. Indeed, the tiara of the elevating success lies in our credibility – towards our happy customers.

Every piece of our story had started with an uncomplicated outline on the table; which dates back a year earlier from the launch.

As an International courier brand, we connect countless deliveries worldwide in a day. It could be anything: a plain official document or transcript to an organization or a university, or a gift to a dear friend for the approaching birthday, or whether a garment sample for the fresh startup.

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Company Philosophy

The core vision is to simplify the procedure of sending parcels from anywhere in India to anywhere in the world, under a virtual platform in the form of ParcelChief.in.

We believe in the elevated service standards, and vend it out at the most economical price in the practical market.

What We Do

We transfer everything virtually to any place on the earth from India, we are a well mechanized system or you may call us ‘Courier Machine’.

If you have a pickup to be done from any distant location in India, our pan-India collection setup will do it for you.

Based in Mumbai, our presences shadow more than 220 countries worldwide. This fortifies our access, and further builds a robust network for a quick and reliable transfer of goods.

Our Mission

It’s our vow to proffer top carrier services at a matchless price in the industry.

And our alliance makes it achievable; the partnership with the top logistic organization drags down the scaling barrier of rates, and validates that end delivery and turnaround time meet up the highest of quality in the business.

Why Choose Us

The territory of courier trade is the kingdom of service, and to be precise “customer service”. For which, our dedicated team sweats out day in and day out, this bunch of professionals are immensely experienced in the business.

And lays out a complete dais for you: from the commencement, to the final destination delivery with their deep knowledge, accurate guidance and all of these with touch of politeness and assurance of care.

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