How to send a parcel from India to the UK?

There are many reasons you might need to courier to UK during your trip to India, or if you are an Indian resident and you have friends, relatives or customer base in the UK. Whether you are a traveller or you are an Indian resident there are certain things you need to follow such documentation […]

A guide to send courier in Canada

As the second-largest country in the world, shipping to Canada has become of the most popular shipping destinations. A lot of Indian population lives of India, it is almost like living in your own country out there for we Indians, but still there are some things that only India has and then comes the individuals […]

How to ship fragile items?

Wanting to courier something? Is it fragile? You need to read this blog right away! As a leading US courier service, we have been thrown many questions about the ideal packing standards of fragile items. Fragile items are breakable even when the impact is very less, to make sure that the product is not damaged […]