How to Avoid Courier and Shipping Scams

Shipping frauds Although the courier industry has helped a lot of people and businesses to grow, still no one can deny the existence of a few bad apples that are reasons for shipping fraud. Parcel Chief brings you a guide to follow to save your courier to Netherlands to go in the hands of fraud courier service: SEARCH […]

Legal Documents that can’t be Emailed

Why can’t you e-mail document all the time? Relying on the technology like fax and e-mail for sending a legal document or sharing text information easily to distances has made our life easy, but can they be used to share all kinds of a document? In case of some legal document where only the original […]

Can you Courier Anything?

Courier services help people send item such as document, gifts, electronic items etc. Truly, the parcel services have made human life very easy, and also in the current scenario where everyone need to move away from the home for job and studies, courier services always come in handy. But the important question is- can you […]

Comprehensive Guide to Courier to the USA from India

Courier to the USA without any hassles using this comprehensive guide to provide you accurate information; right from customs clearance to proper packing method. USA Custom Clearance, Duties & Paperwork All goods go through customs to be cleared; this is, therefore, important that you have a customs invoice for your shipment. The document is used to […]

Which is Better: International/Standard Delivery Service

Want to send a parcel, but it is your first time and you don’t know what to do? Sending a courier out of India is now easier, thanks to many international courier services in Mumbai which can be approached by anyone today to parcel across the globe. The only problem that you might face now […]

Complete guide to send a courier to Canada

Canada is one of the biggest hubs accommodating NRI’s we are a must to know someone in your known’s that are either already based in Canada or about to make a move there. Apart from that, when a lot of Indians are migrating to Canada, they require a lot many things to be available to […]

Parcel Delivery Guide for Small Business

Ecommerce has changed the world, about every big or small vendor is enjoying the benefits of eCommerce and is individually packing and sending the parcel to their buyer’s address. But to be very honest, most of the small businesses don’t understand the importance of delivery, as it represents your brand. This makes it necessary that […]

6 Ways to Find an Overseas Courier Service Provider

For many of us, sending a courier puts us at random anxiety. Each one of us is worried whether their precious products will reach the destination in the right condition and at the right time. Most of the time we are picturing our parcels being tossed like garbage, thankfully not every service provider is the […]

7 Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Courier Services

There are times when you are in dire need of courier services. But in this urgency, that is not necessary that you forget to ask the most important of all 7 questions that say a lot about their services and professional skills they are ready to put up. Here are the 7 essential questions that […]

How to Find the Best Courier Service for Your Business?

The success of your e-commerce can depend on the courier service you choose, Mumbai is a start-up hub of India as a new person you might be looking for best international courier services for sending a courier outside India to grow your business by reaching to a new audience.  Are there any parameters that can help […]