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A soaring leap in trade and migration from India to all over the world has roared the call for an immense amount of package delivery; also identified as courier or parcel delivery.

Being one of the most reliable methods of transportation International Courier Services from India is eminent among the corporate, travelers, students, and NRIs.

The logistics support system is vital to a well-established business as well as to a fresh start-up. It is an integral component without which the transactions will be imbalanced in-between patron and vendor.

Our robust and well woven set-up comply these expansive commercial deliveries effortlessly.

Insipid are festivals, and special occasions without loved ones who are settled abroad, you can brighten up their precious moments by sending your emotions in the form of gifts with our swift International Courier Services from India.

Our Best Rates For International Document Courier to USA

A point to point tracking is a USP of this mode that enables you to stay updated on every movement of your parcel during transit.

It is our pleasant obligation to guide you through the in and out of the procedures and documents. So that your every International Parcel Delivery from India is smooth and trouble-free.

At Parcel Chief we endeavor competitive price with the conformity of a high standard of service, and a wide reach across the planet permit us to connect and deliver each International Parcel Delivery from India always.

A team of vibrant experts make sure your every parcel delivery is a delight. The representatives are well versed with the industry, and always try hard, and leave no stone unturned from the commencement to the closing stages of your parcel.

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International Courier Charges From Mumbai, India with Parcel Chief

Parcel Chief – Customer Reviews

International Parcel Chief
Reviewed from Google

4.9 out of 5 stars

Puttamaleshaiah K M
Puttamaleshaiah K M

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 day ago

It is a good and promised service well ahead of the promIsed schedule. They took interest in both picking and delivery of the parcel. This is my first experience with parcel chief.It is a good service keep it up

Mussarat Sankay
Mussarat Sankay

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Excellent service.. Very helpful and courteous staff.. Courier came in earlier than anticipated and delivered as promised.. Highly recommend them..

Sohail Kasem
Sohail Kasem

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 days ago

Very good service
Actually very quick.
The staffs are helpful and decent
Looking forward for more such experience in near future
Parcel chief is the best for international courier as per my opinion.

Priyali Junnarkar
Priyali Junnarkar

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 day ago

Very prompt and professional service. Everything was done online, payment tracking. My parcel to US reached with 4 days as committed. I would like to use this service again.

Aarhi Expedition Pvt Ltd
Aarhi Expedition Pvt Ltd

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 days ago

Hussain, handled everything very smoothly, I used the service for a document to be picked up from Delhi and to be sent to Addis Ababa Ethiopia, the document was delivered in just 3 working days.

I highly recommend this service as its very cost effective and swift.

For more Reviews, click on the Parcel Chief profile.

A Few Useful Tips:

When planning for an International Courier Service from India you need to follow some simple at the same time important instructions:

  • Select a good quality cardboard box.
  • Pack it precisely and calculate the actual weight and dimensions of the boxes.
  • Note down a list of commodities whistle packing, doing this will ensure a swift custom clearance process.
  • Stick To & From address on the box.

For Complete Packing Advice From Parcel Chief, Click here

Packing Advice For Cheapest International Courier Service From Mumbai, India


Please find below table to check out the International Courier Charges for country you wish to send parcel from India.

Afghanistan Colombia Hong Kong Mongolia Spain
Albania Congo Hungary Montenegro Sri Lanka
Algeria Cook Islands Iceland Montserrat St Kitts & Nevis
American Samoa Costa Rica Indonesia Morocco St Maarten
Andorra Croatia Iran Mozambique St Martin
Angola Curacao Iraq Republic Myanmar St. Lucia
Anguilla Cyprus Ireland Namibia St. Vincent
Antigua Czech Republic Palestine Nepal Sudan
Argentina D. Republic Of Congo Italy Netherlands Suriname
Armenia Denmark Ivory Coast New Caledonia Swaziland
Aruba Djibouti Jamaica New Zealand Sweden
Australia Dominica Japan Nicaragua Switzerland
Austria Dominican Republic Jordan Niger Syria
Azerbaijan Ecuador Kazakhstan Nigeria Taiwan
Bahamas Egypt Kenya Norway Tanzania
Bahrain El Salvador Kiribati Oman Thailand
Bangladesh Equatorial Guinea Kuwait Pakistan Togo
Barbados Eritrea Kyrgyzstan Palau Tonga
Belarus Estonia Laos Panama Trinidad & Tobag
Belgium Ethiopia Latvia Papua New Guinea Tunisia
Belize Faroe Islands Lebanon Paraguay Turkey
Benin Fiji Lesotho Peru Turkmenistan
Bermuda Finland Liberia Philippines Turks & Caicos I
Bhutan France Libya Poland Tuvalu
Bolivia French Guiana Liechtenstein Portugal UAE
Bonaire French Polynesia Lithuania Qatar USA
Bosnia Gabon Luxembourg Reunion Island Uganda
Botswana Gambia Macau Romania Ukraine
Brazil Georgia Macedonia Russia United Kingdom
British Virgin Is. Germany Madagascar Rwanda Uruguay
Brunei Ghana Malawi Saipan Uzbekistan
Bulgaria Gibraltar Malaysia Samoa Vanuatu
Burkina Faso Greece Maldives Saudi Arabia Venezuela
Burundi Greenland Mali Senegal Vietnam
Cambodia Grenada Malta Serbia Virgin Islands
Cameroon Guadeloupe Marshall Islands Seychelles Yemen
Canada Guam Martinique Sierra Leone Zambia
Cape Verde Guatemala Mauritania Singapore Zimbabwe
Cayman Islands   Guinea Mauritius Slovak Republic  
Cent Afr Rep Guinea Bissau Mexico Slovenia  
Chad Guyana Micronesia Solomon Islands  
Chile Haiti Moldova South Africa  
China Honduras Monaco South Korea  



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