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What are the Guidelines & Requirements For International Courier Services?

What are the guidelines for International Courier Services?

International courier service is one of the best modes of transporting goods. Like everything, it has its own sets of guidelines and requirements that follow those ceremoniously.

If you know what you’re doing then your package will be delivered smoothly, and you’ll have complete peace of mind.

There are several things that needed attention; we have picked the most important guidelines and requirements for international courier shipping.

Why preparing early is very important?

When good preparation is done half the battle is won. It’s true. Starting early lets you organize delivery with precision; be it international document delivery or personal or commercial ware consignment. You will need a good plan to execute.

Checking prices on the internet and offline

You can start with hopping for prices online for your international delivery. Simultaneously, you can check off rates. This will provide you with a clear picture of the current international courier services charges. At times you will also stumble upon surprise deals that will save you enough.

Getting familiar with the service

An early start will just not only provide a glimpse of the courier industry. But it will unlock information that might come in handy for your courier’s journey.

For instance, what is the role of the sender or shipper what will the courier service provider bring to the table, how you can start planning a parcel, how a parcel is packed, etc?

Understanding courier services for a smooth transfer

Courier services work differently for different users. It will have a different requirement when you are planning international shipping for an e-commerce business, whereas the details and documents required will be changed when it is general personal wares or dangerous goods.

You can collaborate with your service provider, vendor, and receiver about the requirements of customs, the nature of items, and prices for a smooth transaction.

Make sure all is in order and no last-minute tension

Before embarking courier on its journey you should tick important boxes. An early start will definitely help to make sure a precise packing list is made, and for commercial shipment, the correct invoice for customs is provided, the right size boxes are used, and packing is done as per the items you’re sending.

What is the chargeable weight for International Courier services & How it works?

In simple terms, the chargeable weight is the main factor on which the courier charges are determined.

The chargeable weight is derived by checking the actual weight and volume weight of a box; out of the two (actual or volume) whichever is higher will be considered as the chargeable weight of the box.

So it is very important to understand the functioning of the two.

Types of weights and how and how they work –

As we mentioned above there are two types of weights: Actual weight and Volume weight.

Let us understand them in more depth.

1.Actual weight

The actual weight of a box is obtained by weighing it on a weighing scale. This denotes the mass of the items inside the box; it has no influence over the volume weight.

For instance, an appropriate-sized box having dumbbells put on the weighing scale will give the actual weight of the box.

2.Volumetric weight

The space occupied by the box or commodity in the air carrier is the volume weight. This is derived by applying a formula.

There are many formulas to calculate the volume for different transportation services, but for couriers by air, you need to multiply Length, Width, and Height and divide them by 5000. The outcome will give the volume weight.

As an example, if take a teddy bear and weigh it on a scale and check its actual weight, it will be less, as by nature teddy bear is light in weight. But it is bulky in size. This size will be higher in volume. Eventually, the chargeable weight will be the volume weight.

Note: The dimensions for multiplication should be in centimeters.

Use box sizes close to dead weight

No one likes to pay extra international courier charges per kg. One must end up paying more if one makes the mistake of packing items with less actual weight in a high-volume box. It will be a great mess.

For this, the carrier will charge you on the volume rather than the actual weight. Further, the box will be disfigured by the time the courier is out for delivery due to dents and damages in transit.

To overcome this, always choose the right size box, after filling it will leave no room inside. Also, it will be close to or match the weight actual weight.

Packing guide & Requirements for international courier service

Packing is one of the important pillars of the whole journey of your International Courier. It doesn’t only keep your goods safe and sound but also helps the complete chain of the courier in handling your courier.

Good packing can adorn the journey of a shipment and can prove to be a savior in any untold incident.

On the other hand, badly packed stuff will ruin your complete experience and you may end up receiving damaged wares.

Applying simple things in your packing can make a significant difference.

Let us understand how to pack boxes for your International Courier.

How to pack courier boxes

The framework of good packing is completely dependent on what you are sending. And accordingly, you will plan your packing.

For sending items such as books utensils pots, pans basically nonfragile items you can use double-walled cardboard boxes.

While sending fragile items you need to take extra care. Make sure all the delicate items are bubble-wrapped (be generous while wrapping). Get a case that matches the size of the item you’re packing; this will boost the chances for an un-damaged delivery.

Utilization of space is very important

Once you’re done packing the box, do not tape it yet. Simply, lift the box and stir it gently, if you hear something is moving inside make sure to fill the empty spaces in between box articles. Then pick up again and check, if nothing moves this time, then you are good to go.

The tight cluster provides strength to the box and mitigates the chances of it getting bust open in transit.

Customs Requirement

Customs is an integral part of the whole courier process. If any document is missing for delivery can cause delays, detentions, and even fines from the authorities.

So make sure your package’s customs invoice and packing list are accurate. If you are in doubt you can always speak with us or a service provider of your choice.

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