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How to properly organize overseas delivery for an online store

Choosing reliable and fast delivery methods is a problem that every online store owner faces. It is the opportunity to get an online purchase of a house that is the main advantage that motivates consumers to purchase goods online worldwide. At the same time, more than 30% of potential buyers do not order goods due to delivery problems overseas.

Receiving an order by the customer on time increases the probability of making a repeat purchase, but to ensure this, you need to know how to arrange delivery from an online store. When deciding how to arrange delivery to the buyer worldwide, they usually choose several types that are most convenient for transporting certain types of orders to specific localities.

When deciding how to send goods from an online store, many prefer Indian posts. This is the most popular method that almost every online store offers in India. Its main advantages are an affordable price and the ability to deliver orders to all localities, regardless of the population.

The main disadvantage is slow speed. Now, to solve the problem, methods of automating processes that speed up customer service are being introduced. In large cities, service has been introduced that automatically prepares documents for shipments and allows the client to receive up-to-date information about the cost of delivery by international courier service without leaving the site. The service is easily connected to the online store. It is enough to submit an application and register on the website. With its help, a form is formed, which must be printed, pasted on the shipment, and handed over to the staff of the department. These international reliable courier services have also introduced a feature that allows you to call a courier online and at any time.


Pickup delivery

This type is chosen by customers who do not want to wait for a courier, sometimes delivering a parcel later than the time agreed upon. The organization of delivery for online stores through pick-up points can be implemented in two ways: by issuing orders in your warehouse or the office, using the points of transport companies.

On the one hand, this is convenient, because you can pick up the goods at any convenient time, but there is a high probability that the order will remain unbought. Often the pick-up points are further away than the destination, and in some cases, they are located at the other end of the city. The solution is to choose an international courier service that has several pickup centers in the city.


Delivery by local or unreliable courier

The courier delivery service for online stores allows you to receive an order at a convenient time without leaving home. It may include the possibility of fitting and buying back part of the order. According to statistics, the probability that in this case, the customer will refuse to purchase is significantly lower than when sent by an unreliable source. Deadline matters a lot. Based on how the courier from mumbai to new york delivery is carried out in the online store, it is often decided to make a repeat purchase if the delivery partner is reliable and trustworthy.

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