How to Find the Best Courier Service for Your Business?

The success of your e-commerce can depend on the courier service you choose, Mumbai is a start-up hub of India as a new person you might be looking for best international courier services for sending a courier outside India to grow your business by reaching to a new audience. 

Are there any parameters that can help you choose courier service? Don’t stress-out as is here to help you make the best decision on courier service which can support your business and help you grow more.

Here is our checklist with which you can compare different international courier services.

  • Speed of delivery 
  • Size and weight limitations
  • Proof of delivery 
  • Customer service
  • Cost to value 
  • Courier insurance

Remember to have a balance between affordability and the best service when you are choosing because as a start-up you might need to save some here and there.

Why is researching and comparing your courier service options important?

You can advertise your product in a different country and or run your online store but when it comes to shipping you need a service that can help you create the environment consumer that preserves the customer service up to your brand. Bad customer service from the courier service you choose for yourself is going to take down your name too and can be a stain on your company. So, here is how researching these following parameters helps you choose a courier service that can help you maintain customer satisfaction. 

Speed of delivery

You need a service that delivers courier to Australia faster than other services. Faster delivery is an essential factor that helps e-commerce grows. Your customer demands fast delivery from you and it would be bad to play with their patience sometimes. 

Size and weight limitations

Think about the dimension and weight of the courier, as it will affect the delivery partner you are going to choose. Not all services can deliver large dimension and some might cost more for bigger parcels. 

Proof of delivery

You don’t want your parcel to courier to Australia to reach the wrong destination or wrong places, what you need is an international courier service that provide you a proof of delivery. Many Courier services now provide a tracking of the shipment so, to find a corner service that can provide you the proof is very easy. 

Customer service

Even you the delivery company is separate but being associated with it make you equally responsible in case the delivery service is not up to the mark. Parcelchief provides the companies associating with the customer review and remarks so that both can work on improving.

Cost to value

As a start-up you are on a tight budget, be aware the shipping partner you choose for outsourcing your product does not cost much as it can downgrade your profits. 

Parcel insurance

An accident can happen in the shipping process and you can’t rule out the possibility of it. You need to think about whether to go for insurance of the product when you courier to New Zealand to lower the risk. Insurance may add up into the shipping costs but your courier service can help you get a good deal. Delivery Company can help you in getting hands-on shipping insurance deals that are affordable. 

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