Prerequisites of Sending Courier From India to Australia

Whether you are an individual sending one parcel or a newbie business professional sending bulk of goods to the other side of word that is Australia; YES, the same America which is both a country and a continent; it all could seem too overwhelming and tedious task from surface, but truly, it isn’t. 

This process seems to be complicated and daunting one but here are some things worth knowing before shipping from India to Australia or any other internationals courier service in general before comparing international quotes for courier services.

Why courier service from India to Australia?

The possibilities to this question are endless, some of them might be: you are a domestic seller wishing to target the Australian market to expand your business on a global platform or you are an individual whose loved ones reside there and you wish to send them the taste of home in the form of some gifts. In both the cases mentioned above you should only focus on the business or gifts, rest of the procedure will be taken care by the authenticated courier service providers. This article is to shed some light on the essential things one should be aware of before starting the same. 

Essential information about Australian customs

A custom invoice is used by the destined country which enables them to inspect, and access, and therefore, levy duties and taxes to the goods that are to be imported into their country.

Whether you are sending gifts, business samples or something very personal effects, it is mandatory to attach custom invoice to your package. If goods to be imported are devoid of customs invoice then it won’t be able to cross even your local country border and chances are there that you have to pay extra charges as penalty to get your shipment back. 

So, it is important to understand and comply with the fact that it is not only the courier that applies additional charges, but the custom authorities of a destination country.

There are certain exemptions to duties and taxes for the goods that are being shipped for a temporary period of say 12 months. There are strict guidelines for temporary couriers as well and if you fail to comply with them then you would have to pay heavy charges from the date the courier entered the country. It’s better to do a little research about this too before it makes a hole in your pocket.

Permissible items for courier service from India to Australia

A variety of parcels ranging from lightweight papers to heavy baggage, from one time essential to daily recurring usage, etc. are permitted to be shipped into Australia. It also includes student’s relocation, documents, company documents, relocation, unaccompanied baggage or personal relocation.

There are many courier services providers which are dedicated and specialized in providing a unique, and customized services for individuals, business personnel’s, travellers, importers, exporters or corporate. They provide shipment pickup from your door to its packaging and its delivery at your doorstep. Thus, making the daunting process quite digestible for you.

You could just send everything and anything including electronic goods, documents, garments, medicines, food items or university documents.

Restricted items for courier service from India to Australia 

There is a variety of items which are restricted or prohibited from importing into the country due to security and customs reasons. If your shipment by any chance contains any restricted stuff then it may undergo quarantine period upon arrival in destined country making the process  longer and even implying additional charges.

Aerosols, hazardous products, dangerous products, liquids, medicines, perishable foods, plants and animal products are a few among them. Of course, this is simpler, the items which are illegal or offensive cannot be sent as a courier. However, you could still ship certain restricted products upon obtaining permit license in advance.

Ease of shipment

You will only need certain set of documents, and some signatures on forms for the ease of shipments of goods from India to Australia which are obviously being revised from time to time by Indian as well as Australian custom authorities. If you have any general or customized requirement for your shipment, everything will be taken care by the dedicated service providers.


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